1,000-Millennial Study Explores Entertainment Consumption 

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This is the first report in MFour’s Millennial Insights Project, an in-depth look at the preferences and behaviors of 1,000 American consumers, ages 18 to 36. Today’s report highlights results and findings on Entertainment.


We’ll follow with reports on Money & Investing (Sept. 27) and Technology & Lifestyles (Oct. 4).


We recruited and surveyed respondents through Surveys on the Go®, MFour’s all-mobile, app-based research technology and methodology, which reaches more than one million active panelists. The study collected 1,000 demographically representative, validated responses within two hours of launch on Sept. 10, 2016. Length of interview was approximately 15 minutes. Respondents were segmented by sex, race and ethnicity, type of work, income and age. We divided our Millennial subjects into three six- or seven-year age brackets.


Here are five insights we found interesting:


Streaming is King: Streamed programming is the most frequent viewing choice for 58% of Millennials – more than double the 28% who most often watch cable or satellite TV. There’s a substantial drop-off for cable/satellite viewing among Millennials who haven’t yet turned 30. Only 18.5% of this younger group say cable/satellite TV is their first choice, compared to 37% of Millennials ages 30 to 36. 78% of all Millennials consider a paid streaming platform their first or second choice when watching television, with 76% saying they are streaming more from paid services than they did a year ago. But most Millennials haven’t cut the cord on cable entirely: 64% of those who no longer live with a parent still subscribe to cable or satellite TV.


Binge Watching is Huge: By nearly four to one (78% to 22%), Millennials prefer a television series to be released all at once, rather than having to wait for a weekly episode over the course of a season. And 68% said they had binged on TV during the past month; 53% during the previous week. Across every grouping – sex, age bracket, race-ethnicity, and income level – U.S. Millennials are united in their eagerness to binge on TV shows.


Music Downloads are Going Mobile: More than half of Millennials (56%) said they had downloaded music to a mobile device within the past month, surpassing the 43% who’d downloaded tunes to a desktop or laptop. African Americans were especially active downloaders, with 69% saying they’d downloaded music straight to their mobile in the past month, and 53% downloading to a PC. Downloads for Caucasians were 55% mobile and 38% PC; Hispanics/Latinos went 57% for mobile and 46% for PCs.


Opting Out of Going Out: Fewer than half of Millennials (43%) said they had been to a movie theater in the past month, and 17.5% had been to a live concert. 40.8% hadn’t been to a live concert in the last 6 months, and an additional 15% had never experienced a concert.


Viewing on Smartphones is 2nd Only to TV: 91% of Millennials said they access entertainment on a television screen, with mobile phones second at 73%. Desktops and laptops were third at 63%, and 47% watch or listen on tablets. The youngest Millennials, ages 18 to 24, show  a preference for watching on smartphones – 74%, vs.  69% for respondents 25 and older. There’s also an intra-generational difference for TV screens, used by 89% of the youngest group and 93% of 25 and overs.


For a look at our entire Millennials survey, visit: https://www.surveysonthego.net/tracker


Username: MillennialCaseStudy

Password: MFourMillennials


MethodologyUsing MFourDIY, the market research industry’s first all-mobile, do-it-yourself platform for designing and carrying out studies, MFour fielded a 30-question survey on Sept. 10 to Millennials who make up about 60% of its million-member active panel, all of whom participate in research via the Surveys on the Go® app for smartphones and tablets. Fielding time was less than two hours for 1,000 validated responses.


Responses reflected U.S. Millennials’ demographic profile: 50% male, 50% female; 56% Caucasian, 19% Hispanic/Latino, 14% African American/Black, 5% Asian, 1% each for Middle Eastern, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans/Alaskans; 3% Other. Age brackets were 18-24 (36%), 25-29 (31%) and 30-36 (33%). The study also segmented respondents by whether they were parents of children under 18, their type of work (full-time blue collar and white collar, part-time, unemployed), and their income (six brackets from $25,000 or less to $100,000 or more).

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3 Mobile Musings From the MFour Blog

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Here's your Friday roundup of 3 items from the MFour blog to keep you up to speed on mobile research. Whatever else you do, don't forget to check at the bottom for something to mobilize your spirits heading into the weekend. 
And here's a  Friday tune   to send you humming and smiling into the weekend. 

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5 Insights: Millennials & Mobile

Posted by admin on Aug 23, 2016 11:37:47 AM
1. Millennials’ presence and the data they generate are everywhere because social media is everywhere. Their smartphones enable them to make their thoughts, feelings, whereabouts and behavior instantly known.
2. Despite all that’s known about them, and all they reveal about themselves, Millennials are not an open book, or easily definable.They need to be understood within the ever-shifting contexts in which we all live.
3. The latest generational surprise: Millennials’ reluctance when it comes to"appointment" TV-viewing left NBC unable to attract the Olympics viewership it had promised advertisers.
4. For market research, the avalanche of information about this generation presents a huge challenge and a big opportunity – how to dig in and come out with intelligible, useful consumer insights?
5. Smart researchers are rapidly embracing mobile research that delves into Millennial mindsets via their smartphones -- their chosen, cherished conduit for understanding and responding to their world.
A big part of MFour's value proposition is giving researchers unrivaled access to U.S. Millennials. Of the more than one million active members in our all-mobile panel, 62% are, in fact, Millennials -- the largest representation you can find.

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We did it – 200 7-Eleven interviews in just 139 minutes!

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Yes, we did what we promised we’d do, live and in full view of the market research industry. Breaking “MR’s equivalent of the sound barrier,” as we somewhat facetiously had put it when we announced today’s little showcase of our MFourDIY®.  

Starting today at noon, Pacific, we geolocated members of our million-member all-mobile active panel just as they left 7-Elevens across the nation, and sent them a short survey about their shopping experience.

It took just 2 hours and 19 minutes to land the 200 completed surveys we vowed to fetch in no more than five hours – or suffer public humiliation. We did it with MFourDIY, the first all-mobile do-it-yourself survey platform. Many thanks to those who signed up to watch the data come in on the study's real-time project tracker.

As you’ll see in the chart below, we drew this rapid data from a demographically diverse group that included nationally representative proportions of Hispanics/Latinos, African-Americans and other racial and ethnic groups. And we were particularly successful in collecting interviews from Millennials, a smartphone-centric consumer demo that only all-mobile research can reliably reach.

Today's test was a 5-minute survey, but MFourDIY® can handle lengthy ones, too. With a 15-minute LOI, you can expect a completion rate of 90%.  

But the point of this exercise wasn’t for MFour Mobile Research to puff out its chest over the unique, proprietary research technology and uniquely responsive market research panel that enabled us to pass the test. It’s to show the market research industry that we’ve entered a new, all-mobile age, and that embracing that fact is the solution to the documented problems of traditional online surveys in recruiting enough participants to collect quality, demographically representative data.


Click here to learn more about MFourDIY®.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.51.50 PM


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.52.50 PM


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.53.03 PM


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Learn: Mobile DIY in 30 Minutes

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To know it is to love it. MFour Mobile Research’s new MFourDIY, that is. We invite all market research professionals to see for themselves. Sign up for our webinar series on how to use the industry’s first and only all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-building platform. Next up: Mobile Panel 101: “Reaching Millennials and Other Elusive Demographics,” Tuesday, May 10 at noon, Pacific.

Here are all the currently-scheduled webinars and their topics:

Mobile Panel 101
Reaching Millennials and Other Elusive Demographics
Tuesday, May 10, noon, Pacific
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MFourDIY: Getting Started
Wednesday, May 18, 11 a.m. Pacific
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Getting Responses from "Non-Buyers"
Creating an After-Visit Survey
Tuesday, May 24, 12 noon, Pacific
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Fill Your Quotas in Just One Day

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Find out how in 30 minute webinars introducing game-changing MFourDIY 

Need Millennials -- and fast? Invest 30 minutes to find out how to fill all your quotas in one day. Sign up now for weekly half-hour how-to webinars on MFourDIY, the unprecedented new do-it-yourself survey-building/all-mobile panel platform from MFour Mobile Research.

Mobile Panel 101: Tuesday, May 10, noon Pacific
Reaching Millennials and Other Elusive Demographics

To register for May 10: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/9141654506830765570

The "Getting Started" overview/introductions take place every other week. In between we spotlight specific features of MFourDIY – what they do, and how to use them.

MFourDIY: Getting Started: May 4, 9 a.m. Pacific & May 18 11 a.m. Pacific

To register for May 4:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/9141654506830765570

To register for May 18: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3516797111734130436

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Get to Know MFourDIY

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MFour’s ongoing webinar series educating market research professionals about its powerful yet simple to use new MFourDIY survey-building platform continues Thursday, April 28 at 11 a.m., Pacific Time.

Join us for a half-hour session we’re calling “Building GPS-Enabled Surveys: A thousand completes at Walmart today.”

Here are all the currently-scheduled webinars and their topics:

Building GPS-Enabled Surveys: A thousand completes at Walmart today.
Thursday, April 28, 11 a.m. Pacific

MFourDIY, a Basic Overview
Wednesday, May 4, 9 a.m., Pacific

Mobile Panel 101: Reaching Millennials and Other Elusive Demographics
Tuesday, May 10, noon Pacific

Click below to register for any or all of these half-hour sessions.


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MFour Has Voter-Matched Its All-Mobile Panel

Posted by admin on Mar 10, 2016 11:04:47 AM

MFour Mobile Research announced it has voter-matched its all-mobile U.S. panel. With close to one million panelists, MFour’s voter-matched panel can deliver political insights and information on the beliefs & attitudes that shape U.S. voter behavior, including insights from hard-to-reach groups like Millennials.

In addition to the 200+ demographic points, MFour’s all-mobile voter-matched panel provides information on:

  • Voter identification number
  • Registration status
  • Party affiliation
  • Voter history for general and primary elections
  • Congressional district
  • Senate & Judicial districts

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T-Minus 3 Days: Black Friday

Posted by admin on Nov 24, 2015 8:23:15 AM

Take a look at an infographic we made on the shopping habits of Millennials v. Gen X.


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National Video Game Day: A Look at Millennial Gamers

Posted by admin on Sep 11, 2015 8:48:03 AM

From Pong to Pacman, video games have had a place in nearly all of our lives. Since National Video Game Day is tomorrow, we decided to take a look at the preferences and habits of millennial gamers. Check out our survey results!


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