We did it – 200 7-Eleven interviews in just 139 minutes!

Posted by admin on May 25, 2016 3:59:19 PM


Yes, we did what we promised we’d do, live and in full view of the market research industry. Breaking “MR’s equivalent of the sound barrier,” as we somewhat facetiously had put it when we announced today’s little showcase of our MFourDIY®.  

Starting today at noon, Pacific, we geolocated members of our million-member all-mobile active panel just as they left 7-Elevens across the nation, and sent them a short survey about their shopping experience.

It took just 2 hours and 19 minutes to land the 200 completed surveys we vowed to fetch in no more than five hours – or suffer public humiliation. We did it with MFourDIY, the first all-mobile do-it-yourself survey platform. Many thanks to those who signed up to watch the data come in on the study's real-time project tracker.

As you’ll see in the chart below, we drew this rapid data from a demographically diverse group that included nationally representative proportions of Hispanics/Latinos, African-Americans and other racial and ethnic groups. And we were particularly successful in collecting interviews from Millennials, a smartphone-centric consumer demo that only all-mobile research can reliably reach.

Today's test was a 5-minute survey, but MFourDIY® can handle lengthy ones, too. With a 15-minute LOI, you can expect a completion rate of 90%.  

But the point of this exercise wasn’t for MFour Mobile Research to puff out its chest over the unique, proprietary research technology and uniquely responsive market research panel that enabled us to pass the test. It’s to show the market research industry that we’ve entered a new, all-mobile age, and that embracing that fact is the solution to the documented problems of traditional online surveys in recruiting enough participants to collect quality, demographically representative data.


Click here to learn more about MFourDIY®.


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200 Quality Interviews in 5 hours at 7-Eleven? Watch MFour Go for it Without a Net

Posted by admin on May 23, 2016 3:40:19 PM

How would you like to field a survey to people walking out of 7-Elevens and get 200 quality interviews within five hours? You’re thinking that you’d love it to death – if only it could be done.

To prove the power of all-mobile research, we’re going to show you how -- and we’ll do it in death-defying real time in front of the whole market research industry.

Tune in Wednesday at 12 noon Pacific to watch MFour’s groundbreaking new all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-building platform, MFourDIY, go for broke to break MR’s equivalent of the sound barrier. We’ll field a five-minute survey to members of our nationwide panel who we’ll geo-locate on their smartphones as they leave 7-Eleven stores in all 50 states. We’ll land an incomparably fast 200 completes about their shopping experience in five hours – or come off looking like utter fools.

Sound risky? Well, maybe – but when we’re done you’ll know we’re not fooling around. And you’ll have witnessed just a fraction of what MFour’s custom technology and MFour’s superior, million-member, all-mobile active panel can do for you. For instance, if you need 1,000 completes, you’ll get them within 24 hours – easy.

You’ll see our real-time results from 7-Elevens on the same project tracker you’ll be using when you, too, jump on MFourDIY, the fastest set of wheels in do-it-yourself market research. In the meantime, click here to kick our zoom machine’s tires before the big race.

Starting time is Wednesday at 12 p.m., Pacific. The checkered flag waves at 5 p.m., whether we’ve hit 200 completes or not. Be There!

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