Cutting Through the Confusion About Mobile Research

Posted by admin on Aug 9, 2016 10:47:39 AM
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You’ve heard that diving into mobile research is a must, because smartphones are where people carry out life’s daily tasks and experience its daily pleasures.
But mobile research is still a new concept. Like anything sudden, new and transformative, mobile can seem nebulous and confusing. Plus, there are so many suppliers touting so many mobile solutions.
Here’s a clear explanation to help you get your bearings: a commentary for Quirk’s in which MFour CEO Chris St. Hilaire looks at what’s at stake and provides clear guidance on sorting through mobile research options to choose what works.

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Introducing MFourDIY, A Mobile Research Revolution for the Masses

Posted by admin on Apr 19, 2016 2:24:19 PM


NextGen DIY mobile design means no more Monkeying around with antiquated panels and platforms

Dive in at

MFour Mobile Research launched MFourDIY, the next breakthrough in fast, accurate, reliable, easily accessible consumer survey data. It’s a new, cost-efficient way to field all-mobile, do-it-yourself surveys by exploiting the vast capabilities of the phones hard-wired to consumers’ hands. MFourDIY extends the unrivaled clout of Surveys on the Go® to anyone who needs excellent market research that can fully include hard-to-reach demographics such as Millennials, Hispanics and African Americans.

Clients can create a free account, design sophisticated surveys and access more than a million consumers via the Surveys on the Go®, mobile smart phone app. Check out the platform by visiting

MFour DIY arrives already vetted by forward-looking brands and researchers who’ve stepped up to field mobile surveys during the platform’s Beta-testing. Their experiences speak for themselves.

  • “Easy to program and field.” Derek Turk, Vice President of Ratings & Research, Lionsgate Entertainment Inc.
  • "The best DIY research.” Micah Mack, Shopper Insights Marketing Manager, PepsiCo

“We’re democratizing all-mobile research. We’ve got the only all-mobile platform and it’s getting rave reviews,” St. Hilaire said.

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MFour Reaches Million Active-Panelist Milestone

Posted by admin on Apr 12, 2016 10:55:59 AM

MFour Mobile Research, the only market research firm that can boast an all-mobile survey panel, has boosted its active-panel size to more than a million strong.

Since January, 198,000 new panelists have signed up for MFour’s signature Surveys on the Go® application, vaulting it past the million-member milestone.

What explains MFour’s panel’s phenomenal growth? In a nutshell, the Surveys on the Go® app makes survey-taking fun, fast and easy. MFour’s panelists have flocked to the invitation to “Be Heard. Get Paid,” and come away satisfied. The proof is in the 4.5-star rating they’ve given the Surveys on the Go® app.

Panelists who take surveys enjoy three easy-payment options – PayPal, Amazon gift cards or Visa. Here’s what some Surveys on the Go® panelists have been saying:

Money by the Click of a Button
Easy Surveys, Fun, Surveys, Amazing Customer Support, you actually earn. Some payout $10. All from your phone! I LOVE THEM!!!!... i want more.
by Lourdes Vasquez on 2016-04-10

So fun and easy!
The payout starts to add up fairly quickly and mostly all of the surveys are fun to take. You even get a small payout even if you don't qualify for a particular survey.
by BloodyHolly13 for v2.9.4_​ · United States

MFour’s co-founder and CEO, Chris St. Hilaire, personally tracks every rating and comment as part of the company’s promise to deliver the best mobile research, rising from the best and best cared-for mobile panel.

“It’s a pretty simple proposition. Treat your panel fairly and honestly and they’ll keep coming back,” said, St. Hilaire.

Consequently, the nation’s only all-mobile panel continues to grow by 2,000 – 3,000 new panelists per day without paid advertising.  Panelists form the backbone of the unique platform that meets quotas, fields surveys and amasses data faster than any other. Especially significant, MFour is the research industry’s mainline to Millennials, the rising, hard-to-reach generation of key consumers who won’t answer surveys by email or the Internet because they’re living on their smartphones.

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