43,158,110 Reasons Why You Need a Representative Survey Panel

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One of the most talked-about commercials from this year’s Super Bowl telecast was Budweiser’s mini-documentary celebrating the brand’s immigrant roots. Tracing the struggles and triumphs of 19th century German immigrant brewer Adolphus Busch, the message was geared to resonate with multitudes of Americans who identify with the notion that we’re “a nation of immigrants.”


Now the stakes of gaining consumer insights into specific immigrant communities have been documented by Pew Research Center, which regularly tracks how immigration impacts U.S. demographics. Using 2015 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, a newly-published Pew report analyzes characteristics of 43,158,110 foreign-born residents who accounted for 13.4% of the total U.S. population.

  • Their median age was 43 and 24.9% were Millennials
  • Their median household income was $51,000 and 50.9% were homeowners
  • 48.4% had attended college, and 29.7% had earned a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 55.4% were concentrated in four states -- California, Texas, New York and Florida
  • 44.1% were U.S. citizens, 26.6% were permanent legal residents and 24.5% were “unauthorized” immigrants
  • Nonwhites made up 38.5% of the U.S. population; nonwhite immigrants, 11%
  • Of 197.6 million white Americans, 4% were foreign-born
  • Of 56.5 million Hispanic Americans, 34.4% were foreign-born
  • Of 39.7 million African Americans, 9% were foreign-born
  • Of 17.1 million Asian Americans, 67.2% were foreign-born.
  • Of 10.6 million Americans who identify with another ethnicity, 8.2% were foreign-born

These broad dimensions point toward significant business stakes. Is your brand or company leaving revenue on the table by not obtaining consumer insights on specific communities? Is there a shared “immigrant experience” that might allow a single message to work across multiple immigrant demographics, or is it necessary to target each group separately? What concepts, messages and imagery should brands be using to appeal to immigrants and their second-generation children?


The only way to find out is to ask. And to get reliably accurate answers, you’ll need a representative research panel that’s capable of capturing American consumers in all their dimensions. More than one million active U.S. panelists who use Surveys on the Go® -- the only all-mobile research app, and they’re incredibly diverse (Click here  for a demographic panel profile).


These mobile consumers may be diverse, but they’re united by a shared enthusiasm for taking in-app surveys. They get a smooth, easy and engaging smartphone experience that gratifies American consumers’ common desire for technological experiences that are relevant, rewarding and technically seamless. Pew and the Census Bureau are telling us just who Americans are. Surveys on the Go® is how you meet them. For more information, just contact us at solutions@mfour.com.




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Not Sure about Mobile Ad Measurement? Then Our ARF Talk's a Must.

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Blog ARF Michael Smith Talk 12Jun17


What are the best ways to understand whether an advertisement is effective? That's the question at the Advertising Research Foundation's ARF Modern Measurement: Media, Models & Methods conference getting under way today in Jersey City.


Mobile ad measurement is a particularly hot topic. It's huge, crucial, and only dimly understood because mobile ads' ascendancy has been so sudden. With that in mind, MFour's Chief Product Officer & Director of Panel, Michael Smith, will give a 20-minute presentation at 4:10 p.m. today in which attendees can get the clear read they need on how to understand their mobile ads' effectiveness. His talk -- presented in the Holland meeting room -- is entitled "Mobile Advertising Measurement: Stop Inferring, Start Knowing."


It's safe to say that nobody knows more about advanced solutions for mobile ad measurement and mobile ad testing than Michael, who has overseen the launch of two new products aimed at giving advertisers the testing and measurement tools they need -- Mobile Ad Metrics OnDemand and Emotional Brand Connections Social Media Ad Testing. He's happy to be your resource in Jersey City, the town where Frank Sinatra grew up. And, as always, feel free to get in touch at solutions@mfour.com.


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Are Smartphone Users Too Distracted To Take Your Surveys?

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Your attention, please. Oh, never mind – we just remembered that today’s public can’t pay attention to anything at all. If a much-publicized Microsoft study has it right, the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds and you’ve already moved on to the next thing.


Millennials bear the brunt of lamentations about collapsing attention spans. They’re regularly accused of leading the charge to distractedness thumbs-first, with impulsive, non-stop swiping on their smartphone screens. Microsoft reported that “77% of people aged 18 to 24 responded `yes’ when asked `When nothing is occupying my attention, the first thing I do is reach for my phone.’”


But is using a smartphone an intrinsically attention-killing activity? Believing this plays into a common myth about mobile research – that anything to do with a smartphone diminishes our concentration and makes phones unreliable and undesirable for obtaining quality consumer data. You need to pause for a moment in the face of this myth and consult your own common sense and personal experience with smartphones. It will tell you that you can and do pay close attention to what’s on your phone – if and when that content is relevant and engaging.


And well-designed, intelligently fielded mobile surveys will accomplish exactly that – ask consumers about experiences and preferences that are deeply relevant, and keep them engaged by making survey-taking exactly the kind of fast, smooth in-app smartphone experience they relish. Having fielded hundreds of in-app mobile surveys with LOI of 20 minutes or more, we can assure you that they routinely enjoy completion rates of 90%, with a drop-off rate of no more than 6.5%. To find out how you can capture consumers’ attention by using advanced mobile, please get in touch at sales@mfour.com. We promise the kind of attentive and informative exchange you deserve.


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Friday Roundup: Big Data Isn't Enough. For Real Insights, Talk to Real People on Mobile.

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Here's your Friday roundup of 3 items from the MFour blog to keep you up to speed on mobile as you head into the weekend.

And here's a Friday tune to get you dancing into the first weekend of spring.

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Friday Roundup: Mobile Study Reveals That 78% Will Join in St. Patrick's Day Festivities

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Here's a special St. Patrick's Day edition of our Friday roundup of 3 items from the MFour blog to keep you up to speed as you head into the weekend.

And here's a rollicking St. Patrick's Day tune to fuel your holiday revels.

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Friday Roundup: Your Fastest Research Won't Add Up if You Neglect Quality

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Here's your Friday roundup of 3 items from MFour to keep you up to speed on mobile research as you kick off your weekend.

And here's a Friday tune to send you smiling and prancing into your weekend.

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MFour Hires Graphic Designer Erin Roach

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MFour welcomes Graphic Designer Erin Roach to its team, making her the point person in advancing and innovating all visual and design aspects of the MFour brand. Erin will bring her talented eye to all graphics and illustrations coming from MFour – including its website, marketing materials, conference booths, and app aesthetics. She comes to us from Cryptozoic Entertainment, where she worked on graphics for merchandising spinoffs from DC Comics, the “Ghosbusters” film and TV series “The Walking Dead” and “Adventure Time.” Erin’s visual stamp is on products bought worldwide, including game cards and game apps. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design and Digital Media from Laguna College of Art and Design. Erin’s creative imagination doesn’t rest in her free time –  drawing, painting, photography, and the culinary art of baking are among her favorite leisure pursuits. Welcome aboard, Erin! You make us look great.

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3 Mobile Insights So Millennials Will Think You Matter

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Here's your Friday roundup of 3 items from MFour to keep you up to speed on mobile research as you kick off your weekend.

And here's a Friday tune to give your weekend a rollicking start.

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3 Friday Insights to Keep You Up to Speed on Mobile

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Green Race


Here's your Friday roundup of 3 items from MFour to keep you up to speed on mobile research as you head into your weekend.

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3 Weekly Insights on Mobile

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