Don’t Miss This Chance To Stretch Your DIY Research Budget 30%

Posted by MFour on Jun 13, 2018 12:16:43 PM

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Is a limited budget constraining your ability to obtain the high-quality data and consumer insights you need? Are you muttering under your breath that the limits you’re under are penny-wise but pound-foolish?

Recognizing that you’re hardly alone, we’re helping you get the most bang, and the fastest turnarounds, for your research bucks by pointing you to MFourDIY®.

Now through June 29th, the DIY Summer Promotion will put 20% to 30% more money in your pay-as-you-go account. $10k grows to $12k, 20k becomes $25k, and $50k rises to $65k.

  • Design your survey intuitively on an easy-to-use interface.
  • See results in real-time on your project tracker.
  • Expect response rates of 25% within an hour and 50% within 24 hours.
  • Get sophisticated design features and targeting variables at a cost-effective price.

The key to insights with MFourDIY® is the quality and representativeness of the consumers you’ll reach: 2 million validated U.S. users who have downloaded Surveys On The Go®, the most advanced, highest-rated and time-tested survey app.  

Score with attention-grabbing data and quality consumer insights that impress your decision-makers, and who knows? Maybe you’ll get a budget boost to boot. But regardless how money is being allocated in your organization, MFourDIY® will get  you the speed, efficiency and effectiveness your stakeholders expect.

To sign up, just click here.

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3 Ways We've Got Your Back With Mobile DIY

Posted by admin on Aug 31, 2016 9:50:43 AM
Do-It-Yourself survey-building is easy with MFourDIY™, the first all-mobile DIY market research platform. But no worries if you need guidance or advice, live help is always just a click away.
You get:
  • Quality assurance: advice on phrasing questions and industry best practices to get the best insights
  • Live support: connect with a specialist to help you build your survey and answer any questions
  • Live data cleaning: we remove flawed responses as they come in — you only pay for successful interviews
Click here to learn all about MFourDIY™, then start launching sophisticated surveys that are cost effective, fast, easy to design & field.

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