Webinar On-Demand: Learn New Social Ad-Testing & Measurement Methods That Really Work

Posted by MFour on May 1, 2018 9:30:00 AM


Will your brand’s social media ads stand a chance when the consumers you need to reach are glued to cute-puppy pictures and Taylor Swift videos?

Watch “Ad Measurement, Attribution and Lift,” the latest installment in MFour’s Expert Event Webinar Series, and you’ll learn how to answer that key consumer insights question with a definite “Yes.”

It’s a brisk, 25-minute look at the most advanced advertising research capabilities, as Vardan Kirakosyan, MFour’s Vice President of Research Solutions, and Senior Research Consultant  Allyson Wehn walk you through new ways to test and measure your ads by first identifying the real consumers you need to study, and then seeing how they respond when they receive the ads in their actual social media news feeds.

You’ll come away with these important insights:

  • Why third-party profiling data doesn’t work and needs to be replaced to avoid substituting inferences for actual consumer realities.
  • How behavioral location data first validates, then puts you in touch with, the real consumers whose observed interactions and survey feedback will help you avoid creative mistakes and maximize appeal and lift.
  • How to inject your ads into these validated consumer groups’ actual social news feeds, to test whether they really are capable of commanding their attention and driving awareness and intent to buy.

“With the tools we have available, advertisers and researchers can become comfortable with change,” Kirakosyan sums up. This webinar is your introduction to those tools. To watch it now, just click here.

Topics: Path-2-Purchase™ Platform, consumer insights, Social Ad Testing, advertising research, Vardan Kirakosyan, Expert Event Webinar Series

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