MFour Mobile Research Doubling its Staff to 100

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Ramp-up comes amid company’s drive to transform MR industry with all-mobile

Doubling down on its bid to transform the market research industry by bringing it into the age of the smartphone, MFour Mobile Research, Inc. announced today that it is doubling its staff to more than 100 in the coming nine months.

The hiring surge comes as Irvine, CA.-based MFour reaches critical mass with the applied-technology chain reaction it ignited five years ago.

“This is a revolutionary moment,” said Chris St. Hilaire, MFour’s cofounder and CEO. “We’re allowing the market research industry to harness the vast capabilities of smartphones as tools to conduct consumer surveys and generate the kinds of data and insights today’s corporations and brands demand.”

MFour, a privately-held tech venture, made its first impact in 2011 with Surveys on the Go®, the first and still only survey app tailored strictly for optimal function and display on mobile devices.

In April, MFour launched MFourDIY, the first all-mobile do-it-yourself survey-creating platform.

MFour increased its staff significantly in 2015; now the pace is accelerating with six new arrivals in the coming weeks. The ongoing hiring push will allow MFour to extend its technological lead and push the market research field past the tipping point at which hesitation gives way to a full-on embrace of the all-mobile methods MFour has pioneered. The result: a new norm for gathering the consumer data businesses need to thrive.

The hiring wave includes three new software developers who’ll help widen MFour’s technological lead. Two additional sales representatives and an account executive will educate market research firms and corporate research departments about all-mobile methods and bring them on board, expanding a client list of early all-mobile adopters that includes leading consumer brands and entertainment companies, as well as market research firms that already have seen that the best new survey technology and advice on how to use it will help them continue to excel in serving their clients.

“The mobile revolution will unshackle market research from the demographic and technological constraints of the outmoded online studies that are choking off access to fast, accurate and representative data,” St. Hilaire said. “Our lead will continue to widen and our growth escalate as we close in on our goal: to define and dominate mobile research.”

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The Mobile Movement Expands

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MFour Mobile is driving the market research industry’s fundamental shift to mobile methodologies and data collection.

Research and development staff has more than doubled in the last 12 months, packing the firm with top talent from the industry.
Ipsos veteran Irene Manahan and Added Value’s Andrea Han, both Senior Research Consultants, are two of MFour’s newest additions. In the last six months, researchers from TNS and Car Labs have also joined the movement, further fueling the industry’s rapid transformation.

Additionally, MFour has transitioned to their newly opened headquarters overlooking Newport Beach, CA’s Back Bay.

November second marked MFour’s first day in their recently christened, 14,000 square foot open space, equipped with smart walls and interactive televisions designed to support existing clients & accommodate growth in the rapidly growing volume of clients in entertainment, CPG and retail.IreneManahanCut

Said Founder and Chief, Chris St. Hilaire,
“The move came at just the right time, but the real upgrade is in the quality of the team and creative space we’ve built for smartphone data collection and reporting.  It’s where consumers are and to stay relevant we absolutely have to help the industry make the switch, now.”


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