Big Firm Researchers Make Switch to Mobile with MFour

Posted by admin on Oct 15, 2015 9:33:19 AM

“In last three months, researchers from TNS, Added Value, Car Labs & Ipsos join MFour”manahan

Over the past 3 months, National Mobile Market Research firm MFour Mobile Research has brought on talented researchers from Ipsos, TNS, Car Labs & Added Value, demonstrating the industry’s shift to mobile. MFour most recently hired Irene Manahan as senior research consultant.
Manahan comes to MFour from Ipsos, where she specialized in providing value-added insights for TV network and studio clients. She received vendor-side training while on the entertainment team at Lieberman Research Worldwide, but her market research career began client-side in at NBCUniversal, where she worked on cable networks E!, Style, G4 and Esquire.

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