App Tracking & Mobile Device Targeting

Posted by admin on Oct 17, 2016 10:16:29 AM
We’ve added advanced Mobile Targeting tools to MFourDIY™, empowering users to reach respondents based on the apps they use, and through other characteristics inherent in their smartphones.
These features previously were available only to clients of our custom-designed surveys. Mobile Targeting uses passively-gathered information from our panelists’ smartphones, providing valuable data pipelines.
App Tracking
Targets respondents who have Android phones by the apps they use; for example, researchers for hotel chains could survey customers who have the chain's app – or monitor competitors by surveying travelers who have their rival's app.
Mobile Device Targeting
Identify & survey respondents by the make and model of their smartphones (Samsung Galaxy 7, Apple iPhone 7, etc).
For an example of how the App Tracking feature works, check out our study of Pokemon Go users – who we identified by their use of the Pokemon Go app.

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