What is Path-2-Purchase™?

Finally, you have the ability to combine observational data with consumers surveys – all validated and all first-party. We enable you to survey consumers immediately at any place and time. Explore insights from over 2 million first-party validated consumers, across the top 1,000 retail locations in the U.S. Fill out the form to unlock a historical archive of consumer knowledge.
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The data's just better here.

Target validated first-party panelists by where they go before and after visiting a Path To Purchase point of interest.
Track validated first-party consumers across 12.5 million U.S. locations to identify who goes where, and why.
Select validated first-party consumers for surveys at any point in their shopper journey.


Observe validated consumers’ natural journey across 12.5 million U.S. locations. Understand who’s going where, when and why. Identify, define, and target customer segments by accessing a comprehensive historical archive of stored consumer journeys.