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Access a comprehensive historical archive of stored consumer journeys.

For the first time in market research history, you can find behavioral, demographic, voice of the customer and location data all in one place. Path-2-Purchase™ Platform allows you to identify, observe and survey validated, first-party consumers at any point along the consumer journey. Watch where consumers go, then ask them why they went and what they did.

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  • 2,000,000 Verified Panelists
  • 12,500,000 Mapped Locations
  • 500,000 Locations Visits Per Day



Path-2-Purchase™ Platform

Finally, you have the ability to combine observational data with consumers surveys – all validated and all first-party. See detailed demographic profiles combined with historical visit behavior, all with the ability to survey more than 2 million consumers.

Observe validated consumers’ natural journey across 12.5 million U.S. locations. Understand who’s going where, when and why. Identify, define, and target customer segments by accessing previously unavailable combinations of validated characteristics.

What Is Path-2-Purchase™?

Identify, observe and survey 2 million first-party validated consumers at any point along their path to purchase. Access a comprehensive historical archive of stored consumer journeys.

  • Location tracking across 12.5 million U.S. locations identifies who goes where, how frequently and for how long.
  • Target, track and append validated consumers based on their visit history.
  • Select validated first-party consumers for surveys at any point in their journey.
  • Follow customers beyond their Path-2-Purchase with product or experience satisfaction surveys.

Target, Track, Append

Discover consumer segments based on multiple, overlapping demographic and behavioral characteristics.

  • Who + Where: target by combining detailed profiles (demographic, psychographic) of validated panelists with their location-journey data.
  • Where + When: target panelists by where they go before and after visiting a Path To Purchase point of interest.
  • Who + How Often: identify and understand loyalists and habituals – yours or competitors’ – by frequency, timing or duration of their location journeys.

Path-2-Purchase™ Methodology

  • We track our 2 million first-party validated consumers as they journey across 12.5 million U.S. locations.
  • We compile more than 200 first-party demographic and psychographic profiling characteristics.
  • Select validated consumers according to a sophisticated knowledge of who they are.
  • We enable you to survey consumers immediately at any place and time.
  • We store and catalog historical location, profile and survey data in our Consumer Knowledge Center.