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You've Got the Luck of the Irish: Insights from Our St. Patrick's Day Survey

Posted by admin on Mar 14, 2017 11:01:23 AM


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St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. So we turned to the only all-mobile platform to collect information about Americans’ perceptions, expectations, and assorted sentiments about the holiday. The aim was not to lay the groundwork for serious business decisions, but just to have some fun. Our 1,200 respondents were happy to play along by sharing their views of the holiday. Here’s what they told us:

  • 28.2% of respondents identified as Irish American. The U.S. Census Bureau puts the figure at 10.2%. It just goes to show how cool it is to be Irish as March 17 approaches.
  • 94% of the Irish respondents said they’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, while 71% of those who didn’t identify as Irish are ready to party along. In all, 78% of our respondents said they’ll celebrate.
  • 82% of all respondents (and 95% of Irish Americans) said they’ll honor the tradition of wearing green, Ireland’s national hue.
  • As for the tradition of pinching people who don’t wear green, it’s still alive in this era of anxiety over perceived micro-aggressions. 54% of respondents said they’re ready to inflict festive pain by pinching.
  • However, there’s some risk involved: 8.3% of respondents said that if they’re pinched they’ll retaliate with a punch to the face. Men and women reported being almost equally ready use their fists, so watch out.
  • An additional 12.8% said they’ll object verbally. 24.9% are ready to pinch back, but 63.1% intend to be good sports and accept a pinch without complaint, as the price of neglecting to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. A few respondents picked more than one answer.

Looking at St. Patrick himself, and the reasons we celebrate him, we gave respondents a list of possible accomplishments  (not all of them true).

  • 42.3% correctly picked him as Ireland’s patron saint.
  • 25.3% agreed that St. Patrick spread Christianity to Ireland – also correct.
  • 23.8% think he liberated Ireland from the British (not true).
  • 18.8% believed he rid Ireland of snakes – not a fact, but certainly a widely-believed legend.
  • 11.8% concurred with the statement that St. Patrick invented green beer – not exactly true, but without him there never would have been a reason to invent it.

Respondents also were asked, “Have you ever tried to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?” and given a list of possible answers that were strictly facetious.

  • 42% reported having indeed gone looking for a pot of gold, and 31% affirmed that, “Yes, I tried, but I got chased away by an angry mob of leprechauns.” Please be assured we won’t plant anything like this in one of your own surveys.

But for now, the fun continues. Stay tuned to the MFour blog for the rest of this week for more amusing insights we obtained by fielding the world’s first and only all-mobile, app-driven survey about the customs, quirks, and prerogatives that come with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.


And may your eyes be smiling, whether you’re Irish or not!

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