You’re a Cliché Because Your Boring Surveys Suck

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The Beatles weren’t always right – especially when they sang that “fun is the one thing that money can’t buy.”


In today’s market research industry, fun is the one thing that your clients’ money must buy. Consumers won’t take surveys if they think they’re stupid, hard to understand, or hard to take on their smartphones. In fact, the industry is pretty much in agreement that widespread sample problems are caused by surveys that are, excuse the expression, stupidly put together and therefore no fun at all for your panelists. An engaging survey gives respondents what they enjoy and admire – a rewarding, smoothly-functioning experience on their beloved smartphones. Make it fun for them, and they’ll respond with the quality data you need to do your job.


Bringing this to mind is a Super Bowl marketing initiative by the Southern California Honda Dealers that promises to create lots of audience engagement because it seems like so much fun. Except, perhaps, for advertising agencies and their clients who can’t take a joke.


The car dealers are leveraging this Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials for an online charity event called the Helpful Bowl. Not a bad idea – the National Retail Federation estimates that 24% of the 189 million viewers expected to tune in will be watching mainly to enjoy (or ridicule) the commercials. Recognizing how attuned today’s public is to the inner workings of anything media-related – especially Super Bowl ads – the auto dealers are inviting viewers to watch the commercials intensely, then go online to report sightings of 17 “advertising clichés” listed on the Helpful Bowl’s website. For each cliché that crops up in any Super Bowl commercial, the dealers’ group will make a donation to Boys & Girls Clubs in its region. Here’s a sampling of the advertising clichés, and their payouts:

  • Animated Characters: $5,000 per ad in which they appear
  • Celebrities: $500 per ad, the smallest payout (will their egos suffer?)
  • Space Aliens: $10,000
  • Dumb Guys: $10,000
  • Puppies: $20,000 per ad, the biggest payout (giving Boys & Girls Club members one more reason to love puppies – as if they needed one).

It sounds like a lot of fun – which should mean plenty of audience engagement for the car dealers’ initiative, and a nice sum for kids’ recreation.


The same dynamic of interactive engagement determines the success or failure of consumer surveys. It’s getting to be a cliché that mobile research is a must. But generic mobile or “mobile optimized” surveys are bad clichés that definitely do not pay off in engagement or accurate, valid data. To engage smartphone users, you have to reach them in the way they prefer – with a native app that makes surveys display and function with speed and precision. MFour’s app is Surveys on the Go® – which has more than one million active users, including hard-to-reach demographics such as Millennials, Hispanics, African Americans, and parents of young children. Give people a fun and rewarding experience on their phones, and see what happens. Your clients will never mistake you for a “dumb guy.”


MFourDIY™ – the only true-mobile survey-building platform – is the simplest, most cost-effective way to get in on the in-app survey fun. You could become one of your research department’s  biggest celebrities, and that’s no cliché. To find out more, just click here.



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