Your Tracking Data Has Elephant-Sized Issues. Mobile Solutions Are a Must.

Posted by admin on Feb 13, 2017 10:21:43 AM


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There’s an elephant in the room where market research lives, and it's playing havoc with brands' tracking studies.

The elephant is the widely lamented drastic decline in online sample quality and demographic representation. Studies, including trackers, struggle to reach enough young people and minorities. The result is a loss of continuity in tracking data as time goes by and online sample becomes increasingly less reliable in representing consumer reality. unreflective of consumer reality.

Still, it's not easy to accept the need for change. There's a natural human tendency to stick with what we know, and to continue using methods that have served us well over time. 

But now it's crucial to recognize that times have changed, and that consumer insights professionals need to adapt to the definitive new reality: mobile consumers want mobile experiences, and that includes participating in market research surveys. 

 MFour is the leader in connecting brands with mobile consumers, including full quotas of Millennials, Hispanics, African-Americans and Gen Z who need to be represented in tracking studies.

There's a way to adjust trackers gradually by migrating your outreach to smartphone-centric consumer groups to mobile, while preserving an online element for older, more PC-oriented demographics for as long as it seems to make sense.

Taming the elephant is easier than you think, if you think mobile when you think of trackers.




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