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Posted by admin on Dec 14, 2016 12:47:42 PM




Forget what the adage says. You can judge a market research company by its cover.


A website home page is the cover – and a well-designed home page doubles as table of contents. With that in mind, the concept behind the new MFourDIY™ website is clarity, transparency, and a refreshing openness about product information. The goal is to help prospective users of the nation’s only all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-building tool make a fully-informed decision. By being upfront with the information researchers need as they shop for solutions, we're simply giving them the respect they deserve.


We know you want to cut through the foggy generalizations you may have encountered elsewhere in your attempts to figure out whether a given research provider is offering quality technology and an engaged panel for a fair price. So here’s what you’ll find when you visit

  • A price calculator that lets you plug in all the variables that go into programming surveys – and automatically tells you exactly how much you’ll pay. Now you can budget accordingly.
  • The ability to target respondents by the apps they use – and the cost of this unique feature, which is an additional $1 per complete.
  • GPS-enabled, GeoValidated® studies in which you’ll locate, and then interview, natural panelists while they’re still inside a store – or just after they’ve left.
  • Multimedia options that fully exploit smartphones’ capacity to receive or create audio and video content. It’s a great way to delve into the real life of consumers at the moment of purchase.

We’re also particularly proud of two prominent visuals that highlight the new MFourDIY™  website. They may be unique in the research field.


1,000,000 Panelists 

With a single click from the new home page, you’ll access information about who you’ll reach among the million-plus active panelists who use MFour’s top-rated Surveys on the Go® research app. Contrast this with traditional online panel providers who are reluctant to share details about their panelists. On the MFourDIY™ site, you’ll see the panel’s make-up by age, race, income, education, marital status, and geographic distribution. You’ll see that the panel is especially strong on hard-to-reach, smartphone-centric groups who are vital to forming an accurate picture of what’s happening among consumers – Millennials make up 70% of the panel, Hispanics, 21%, African Americans, 14%, and parents of young children, 42%.


U.S. Map of Real Time Streaming Data

A map of streaming data captures the essence of MFour and MFourDIY™ -- showing real panelists crossing into geofenced areas across the United States, where you can reach them in real time. You’ll see yellow and green vectors streaking suddenly across the nation to and from our headquarters in Southern California whenever a panelist starts or completes a survey. It’s a bit like a representation of nerve synapses firing in a brain – not a bad image for market research itself, which ideally captures what’s going on in consumers’ minds.


MFour has revolutionized how mobile market research is done. Now it has set the standard for how researchers should be informed when they’re out shopping for the survey-building products they need to succeed. is your open book of research solutions, so feel free to come and judge us by our cover -- and by everything else you'll see inside. Or you can contact Alex at to talk in-depth about how our solutions can answer your research needs.



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