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You Don’t Have To Be Irish To Love Our St. Patrick’s Day Survey

Posted by admin on Mar 13, 2017 9:37:46 AM


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St. Patrick’s Day is on the way, and on Friday most Americans will be paying homage – knowingly or not – to a man who lived about 1,600 years ago, became the patron saint of Ireland, and now beckons people of all races, creeds, and nationalities to wear green and get tipsy in his honor.


MFour has a natural affinity for St. Paddy’s Day – you’ve surely noticed that green is our signature color, and we wear it proudly. We could say that’s the main reason we fielded a special survey to gather insights into the who, what, and how of Americans’ St. Patrick’s Day festivities. But the truth is, we just wanted to have some silly fun and invite you to join in.


Can you believe that 23% of our 1,200 respondents said they plan to eat shepherd’s pie this Friday? Shepherd’s pie??!!? Clearly, St. Patrick’s Day packs considerable power to motivate unusual consumer behavior. And that’s just a sneak preview of the amazing insights we’ve obtained.


On Tuesday we’ll share a bunch of juicy tidbits on a variety of subjects pertaining to St. Patrick’s Day – including how many Americans entertain fantasies about being chased by Leprechauns. On Wednesday we will share what our respondents told us about the color green. On Thursday we’ll give you an in-depth look at how Americans say they’ll be celebrating the big day (Guinness or Jameson? Will shepherd’s pie overtake corned beef and cabbage?).


And our weekly Friday roundup of blog highlights will recap our St. Patrick’s Day study, and share a YouTube video of a rousing Irish tune to enliven your own celebration. That’s the plan anyway – unless, of course, we get chased by Leprechauns.

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