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Will the NFL tear us apart?

Posted by admin on Aug 2, 2016 12:41:32 PM


Teamwork is fundamental to MFour’s company culture because it’s the most enjoyable and productive way to live and work.

It’s also fundamental to the results we generate for market research firms and leading companies and brands that trust us to deliver the data solutions they need, on-time and glitch-free.

Choose MFour, and you’re betting on a team in which different departments mesh and communicate with each other. Our cooperative, mutually supportive internal culture plays a big part in ensuring  you’ll get the data and insights you need to make smart reports and recommendations on the business decisions your bosses or your clients have to get right.

Like a championship pro football team whose offense, defense and kicking game all step up to complement each other, our Solutions executives, Operations staff and Labs & Engineering experts stay on our games to make each project score.

These days, the intense pursuit of teamwork is right in front of our eyes. Less than two miles south of our seventh-floor perch, with its panoramic views of a good swath of Irvine and Newport Beach, stretches the campus of the University of California, Irvine. From our windows we can make out the sports complex where the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams are in their first week of pre-season training.

Our team is back after their 20-year detour to St. Louis. But is it really “our team?”

An MFour staff that pulls together to get your questions answered isn’t exactly meshing with a cohesive answer to this one. We fielded a quick office survey and the results are in: when it comes to pro football, we’re a study in division and disunity, although we’d prefer to call it “diversity.” Football-wise, we have, shall we say, a marketplace of opinions.

Here, the 49ers, Raiders and Cowboys each have multiple fans. The Seahawks, Bears, Steelers, Giants, Cardinals and Texans also get outspoken support. The data suggests that our new neighbors, the Rams, have a way to go to be embraced.

Does this division over the important matter of pro football make MFour less of a team? Should you worry that, come Mondays, we’ll be bickering about what went down on the field on Sunday, instead of focusing on designing and fielding your research?

No way. Lively and friendly disagreement among peers is a social adhesive, not a solvent. Within a culture fed by a mutual goal and founded in mutual respect, banter and repartee aren’t just a lot of fun, but a pathway to cohesion and productivity.

Our little in-house disagreements over sports keep us laughing and joking and talking to each other. And when people start talking to each other, you never know where the conversation might lead.  Banter that begins with “my quarterback’s better than yours” can turn into a discussion of a project and how we can make the data and insights faster, clearer and farther-reaching for the client.

As this song by the terrific 1970s band Badfinger says, “successful conversation will take you very far.” 

And that's what the MFour team is all about.


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