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Why Holiday Retailers Need To Be Like Santa

Posted by admin on Dec 19, 2017 9:57:56 AM



Do you believe in Santa Claus? Retail executives and managers whose companies need to maximize sales during the Christmas season can’t afford not to, because they are Santa Claus. Or at least they must act like Santa Claus by spreading good cheer in their stores, and whatever else it takes to ensure that shoppers leave satisfied.


America’s retail-executive Santas collectively depend on a U.S. labor force of some five million retail workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In lieu of a workshop full of elves, decision-makers in charge of the nation’s stores must secure the right strategies and support for the workforce they depend, while stocking the right kinds and quantities of products. It’s no easy task, especially under the pressures and high stakes of the holiday season. The Santas of the business world can be forgiven if they’re not always exuding jollity and ho-ho-ho-hos. But if they succeed, their CEOs or board members likely will.


Being a good retail Santa takes smart planning, nimble execution, and good communication – especially with the consumers the nation’s stores need to please. That means establishing reliable and effective lines of communication to connect with consumers to obtain timely, accurate and emotionally vivid feedback about their holiday shopping expectations and experiences. 


What if you could identify holiday shoppers who are looking at a particular product category, and question them in the very moment and the very aisle where they’re deciding whether and what to purchase?


What if you could survey shoppers on their smartphones just as they leave a retail location? You could get straight, fresh-in-mind and therefore emotionally revealing answers about what they’d just experienced, from the store’s cleanliness to the friendliness and helpfulness of its personnel to the way it handled long checkout lines. And, of course, you could ask them about what they’d bought and why.


What if a brand's insights professionals could identify and validate its buyers (or its competitors’ buyers) in a retail location, then follow up with a survey within a week or two, to learn how well they and their family had enjoyed the special holiday gifts and treats they'd bought for themselves and immediate household members? 


These aren't "what-ifs." They're real and present capabilities of advanced mobile solutions, made possible by marrying innovative location research technology to an engaged and representative panel that enjoys taking consumer surveys. MFour’s satisfied panelists include many of your shoppers. To get in touch with them, get in touch with us. Just click here – right now, if you're still looking for last-minute holiday shopper insights, or in the new year.


Happy holidays and best wishes to all. May the season and the year to come bring you many experiences that deserve a rich and hearty ho-ho-ho.

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