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Why Brands Can’t Afford To Place Blind Bets on Mobile Advertising

Posted by admin on May 15, 2017 10:25:39 AM




It probably isn’t breaking news that mobile advertising is on the rise as brands and companies focus their marketing where their consumers are congregating.


But specific data is always helpful, both to quantify what’s already intuitively apparent, and to deepen insights into how businesses should respond to the challenges and opportunities mobile ad campaigns present. So far, attempts to measure mobile ads’ effectiveness have created more confusion than confidence. Which, given the stakes, is very disconcerting.


Here are some specific data and predictions from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), eMarketer and Zenith Media.

  • U.S. mobile ad spend in 2015: $20.7 billion
  • U.S. mobile ad spend in 2016: $38.6 billion (+76.8%)
  • Predicted U.S. mobile ad spend in 2017: $58.3 billion (+51%)
  • Mobile ads’ 2016 share of all digital advertising spending: 50.5%
  • Mobile ads’ predicted 2017 share of all digital ad spending: 70.3%
  • 2016 rate of increase of mobile video advertising dollars: 145%
  • Facebook’s predicted 2017 global mobile ad revenues: $28.7 billion
  • Mobile’s 2017 Q1 share of all Facebook ad revenues: 85%.
  • Mobile’s share of Twitter ad revenues: 90%
  • Mobile’s share of Yahoo! ad revenues: 32%

These numbers raise some essential questions on which these huge bets on mobile ads depend:

  • You clearly need a reliable, demographically diverse test group of mobile consumers who represent your target audience -- the only reliable source for pre-campaign data on how your planned mobile ad will be perceived. But where can you find a mobile panel that fills that need?
  • How do you get insights in time to adjust the creative content of a planned mobile campaign?
  • How can you get reliable advance insights to form realistic goals and estimated metrics for your social media campaign?

In this week’s blog posts we’ll be talking about Emotional Brand Connections Social Media Ad Testing, a new solution for ad testing that fills these needs because it's designed specifically to test social media mobile advertising – so stay tuned. If you'd like to get full details right now, just click here



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