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Why Booth #701 Is the Place To Be at the Quirk’s Event

Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2018 6:19:34 PM


Here’s a hearty welcome to Orange County, California to all conferees at the Quirk’s Event, West Coast Edition, running Tuesday and Wednesday.


Stop by the MFour booth, #701, for unique experiences from the hometown research solutions team (our headquarters is a quick skip in a beachward direction from the event’s location at the Hotel Irvine).


One unique experience at the MFour booth will be learning about Path-2-Purchase™ consumer mapping. This location-based set of solutions takes a giant step forward in understanding who’s frequenting locations relevant to your brand or your rivals’ brands – and how frequently they’re going. Among its many uses is identifying brand loyalists, brand agnostics, and brand rejecters, so you can reach them with complete accuracy. In addition to our Big Data location capture, you'll obtain survey insights into the “why” to give you a full picture of the consumers you most want to target.


Speaking of targets, MFour’s booth also gives you a chance to have the Cornhole Experience. Sharp targeting is the difference-maker in data quality, and in this exacting test of hand-eye coordination as well. Test your skill at Cornhole before or after you’ve gotten an earful about advanced, mobile-app research. Winners at Cornhole get an MFour T-shirt. Winners at mobile-app research get the data they need to get the business results they need.


Pat Brassil, Todd Costello, Andreas Hoelting and Blake Skorich are your mobile-app research experts and hosts at the Quirk’s Event. When you meet Todd, a transplanted loyal son of Philadelphia, tell him you’re rooting hard for his Eagles in the Super Bowl. Maybe he’ll sneak you a T-shirt, or at least give you directions to a nice little cheesesteak joint. And if you’re interested in fast cars as well as fast research, Andreas is your man for in-depth insights.


For those who aren’t enjoying a winter respite in sunny Southern California, a productive conversation about how advanced mobile-app research can meet your projects’ specific needs is always available, just by clicking here.


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