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Who's the Facebook of Market Research?

Posted by admin on Jul 29, 2016 7:00:56 AM


Who’s the Facebook of market research? Why, MFour, of course.

No, we don’t have quite the same balance sheet as Mark Zuckerberg’s social media juggernaut, at least not yet. Facebook this week again announced quarterly earnings of “blockbuster” proportions, as New York Times put it, ringing up $6.4 billion in revenues and $2 billion in profit.

But looked at in a certain way, there’s one measure by which MFour outdoes Facebook.

Silicon Valley’s most successful concern is nearly all-in on mobile: Facebook reports that 92% of its 1.71 billion active monthly users check in via mobile devices. MFour is 100% mobile.

OK, so Facebook has approximately 1,700 times as many active users as MFour has active panelists. But the core, proven principle of market research is that a limited number of properly representative respondents taking well-designed surveys will get the job done. And that’s what we’ve been providing since 2011, when we debuted the first and still only all-mobile survey app.

MFour designs and continually advances software that powers the utmost in  functionality and versatility for surveys taken on smartphones and tablets. Along with the tech, we cultivate an engaged, proprietary panel of U.S. respondents who take those surveys solely on their phones and tablets, generating the reliable, demographically representative data our clients need.

More than one million active users have downloaded our native app, Surveys on the Go®.  And unlike online panels, they embody the full spectrum of U.S. consumers, with full complements of the Millennials, African-Americans and Hispanics who elude research that clings to the fading online survey approach.

A smartphone-focused panel plus a state-of-the-art mobile survey experience translates into quality data that’s fast enough to meet tight deadlines and validated to ensure sharp insights leading to effective business decisions.

All joking aside – and you do realize we’ve been joking, right? -- our kinship with Facebook comes from a mutual recognition that the world has gone mobile, and that responding accordingly with smarts, enthusiasm and an innovative spirit is the key to success.

Contact MFour to learn more about how to thrive with us in the all-mobile world.


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