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Webinar: How To Test Social Media Ads For Success

Posted by admin on Dec 12, 2017 10:38:28 AM


Brands are spending nearly $20 billion a year – and rising fast – to reach U.S. consumers with social media advertising. It’s obviously crucial for their ads to succeed with mobile consumers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. But will a given ad even be noticed when it appears in targeted recipients’ news feeds, competing with friends, family, entertainment and all the other attention-grabbers social media presents?


There’s a huge advantage in getting a reliable read on the answer before a high-stakes mobile social media campaign has even begun. A new ad-testing approach that lets advertisers obtain timely data on an ad's likely performance is the focus of a GreenBook webinar this Thursday (Dec. 14) at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Attendees will get a clear, concise introduction to Social Ad Testing, an innovative research method that gives advertisers a pre-launch sneak preview of how their messages will fare in the natural wilds of social media. The webinar, entitled “Mobile Ad Testing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Feeds,” will introduce you and your team to research capabilities and processes you haven’t encountered before. You’ll come away with a working understanding of how to maximize your social campaigns’ odds for success, by observing in advance their actual, real-world impact on research panelists who match the profiles of your most likely consumers. Social Ad Testing is NOT just a simulation.


Learn about new technology that sends planned social media ads into test panelists’ natural news feeds, to obtain insights into whether the concepts and creative content will really work.


Get acquainted with test methodology that allows advertisers to measure recipients’ behavioral interactions with an ad they don’t know to be a test, and then take the test a step further by obtaining qualitative survey feedback about why the ad works – or doesn’t.


See how comparative testing can tell you which social platform gives your ad the best chance to have its intended impact.


Understand the key opportunity Social Ad Testing affords: launching with confidence, and perhaps investing more intensively, when an ad tests well – and getting just-in-time second chances to make specific, pre-launch fixes when test ads underperform.


Your guides from MFour Mobile Research are Research Manager Michael Schmall, along with Director of Sales Alex Colao and Chief Revenue Officer Mike Gaffney, who’ll walk you through Social Ad Testing's specific features and uses.


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