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We got 100-plus completes per hour at 7-Eleven

Posted by admin on May 26, 2016 9:15:20 AM

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We promised you we’d break MR’s sound barrier, but we went way beyond that and reached escape velocity, soaring beyond the previously-known atmospheric limits of market research.


Two-hundred quality completes in five hours was our goal for Wednesday’s geolocation-driven speed test of MFourDIY, the first and only all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey creation platform. When we closed the books at 5 p.m., Pacific, completes stood at 580.


We thought we had a Learjet; it turned out we had an X-15.


The point of the exercise was to show the MR community what a properly-conceived, all-mobile research approach can accomplish.

We’ve been saying for years that all-mobile research is not just inevitable, but better than the online, PC-based method that smartphones are supplanting.


“Researchers who care about quality will be thrilled that mobile data is quicker, verified and in-the-moment,” Chris St. Hilaire, MFour’s cofounder and CEO, commented during Wednesday’s successful test. “We’re still hopeful that researchers wedded to online will see the light soon.”


We’re confident that our 7-Eleven showcase will persuade researchers that we’ve been on the right track all along – and that now, more than ever, they need to join us. MFour’s all-mobile technology and panel don’t just produce data that’s faster; it’s also more accurate and far more demographically representative than what online surveys taken on a laptop or PC can deliver in this smartphone age. Wednesday’s results prove it.


To recap:


At noon, Pacific, we began geolocating people in our million-member active panel as they shopped at 7-Elevens around the nation. We pushed a five-minute survey to their mobile devices, just as they left the store (MFourDIY easily can handle lengthy surveys, too -- with a 15-minute LOI, you’ll get a 90% completion rate ). 


We asked respondents about their shopping experience at 7-Eleven and got data that could not be more reliable -- given that we were asking about a store visit  that was absolutely fresh in mind.


The survey was a combination of single-answer, short-answer and intensity scale questions. Here’s what we found:


Our ability to reach Millennials was off the charts – 30% of respondents were 18-24. An additional 64% were 25 to 44 (older Millennials and GenX). So we have the age groups marketers covet most  completely covered.


Our survey's share of minorities also far exceeded online research norms. Hispanics accounted for 19.6% of the completes; African-Americans, 10.1% and Asians, 6%.


The main reasons respondents gave for their shopping trip to 7-Eleven were:

  • Buy a non-alcoholic beverage – 28.5%
  • Buy gasoline – 27.3%
  • Buy hot or cold food or bakery goods – 16.8%
  • Buy tobacco products – 11.5%

Asked to answer on a scale of one to ten how likely they were to shop again at 7-Eleven, 86.2% fell in the “very likely” range of eight to ten.


Apparently they got what they came for. Try MFourDIY, and you will, too.


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