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Watch live today: Betting our reputation on MFourDIY

Posted by admin on May 25, 2016 10:17:22 AM

Join in: See live demo -- 200 speedy all-mobile completes from 7-Elevens

We're not chickening out!

We announced this week that we'd push an all-mobile survey to panelists as they leave 7-Elevens nationwide, starting at noon, Pacific today -- and land 200 quality completes in less than five hours.

 Or die trying (of humiliation, that is).

 Well, we aren't backing out. We're that confident in our new MFourDIY survey-building platform, the first all-mobile do-it-yourself market research tool, that we want you to see it in action for yourselves.

 Watch the results come in in real time on the same MFourDIY project tracker you'll be using for your own research as the all-mobile era unfolds. And keep in mind that MFourDIY easily handles lengthy surveys -- 15 minute LOI surveys with a 90% completion rate.

 Are we the masters of all-mobile research that we say we are? Or a bunch of blowhards due for their comeuppance?

To watch, please email us at and ask to register for  the MFourDIY 7-Eleven Showcase.  Please provide your full name and company in the  request.

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