Valid Mobile Ad Metrics Require the Human Dimension

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Are Big Data and survey-based research destined to be enemies? Michael Smith, MFour’s Chief Product Officer and Director of Panel, doesn’t think so. That’s why he’ll be delivering a presentation at this week’s Big Data Summit in San Francisco that lays out how Big Data and consumer surveys can be allies. Michael will be talking about how to bring them together in a “both-and” partnership between numbers and people, instead of thinking in reductive “either-or” terms. If you’re going to the conference, Michael’s presentation is Thursday, April 20, at 2:30 p.m. And if you’re not, here’s a quick rundown of key points.


How Big Is Big Data?

  • Humanity has been compiling information at least since the dawn of writing some 5,000 years ago
  • And because of Big Data, 90% of that information has been recorded in the past two years

What Big Data Does

  • Collects vast amounts of consumer information from multiple inputs
  • Uses data-based assumptions to model consumer behavior

And Doesn’t Do

  • Can’t give you the human dimension – the “who” and “why” behind the “what”
  • Thoughts, feelings and motivations require answers from real people

Finding the People Inside the Numbers: Follow the Mobile Footprint

  • Each mobile device has a unique code, known as an Advertising ID
  • Advertisers get the code for each phone that receives an ad
  • To unlock the human dimension, match Ad IDs to real, live mobile panel members 

What’s Next? Getting To Know Them

  • Are your mobile ad recipients really the audience you paid to reach?
  • Use aggregated mobile panelists’ demographic profiles to get the answer
  • Survey matched ad recipients to go beyond Big Data – ask "how" and "why"

The Name of the Game: Consumer Insights

  • Identify actual mobile ad recipients, sorted by age, income, ethnicity and more
  • Identify actual app users, then survey them for insights
  • See how they use your app and experience your brand – or a competitor’s
  • Get reliable ad metrics – effectiveness, content evaluation and lift

Now that you’ve seen how Big Data and survey insights can be happily married, it’s time to explore how the combination will work for you. Just contact us at

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