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Valentine’s Day Study: Cupid Hits His Targets with Mobile GeoLocation

Posted by admin on Feb 14, 2017 11:30:43 AM



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We’d never had a client fly in naked and carrying a bow before, but this was the one and only Cupid, and he needed our help.


After all these years of winging it, Cupid realized that he needs some mobile targeting to optimize his aim when he lets his arrows fly. The divorce rate told him that too many of his shots were missing the mark. With Valentine’s Day approaching, he needed to put some fresh insights in his quiver. Could we help?


We said we’d try, but how do you measure romance?


Well, like everything else, love has a consumer dimension. So we GeoFenced every major national outlet for flowers, candy and jewelry. Then we waited for natural shoppers among our million-plus active mobile panelists to show up and go about purchasing those all-important tokens of affection. Using proprietaryGeoIntensity® and GeoNotification® technologies, we delivered  exit surveys directly on their smartphones as they left the stores with gift purchases in hand – and quickly landed 1,000 demographically representative, GeoValidated® responses that gave vivid insights into what these romantic consumers had bought, and why.


Because the data displayed in real time as it came in, Cupid was able to fly out instantly to strike the biggest spenders with his arrows, tracking them down by their smartphones’ GPS location. Cupid said he’s hoping for insights into whether extravagant gift-giving correlates with lasting love.


There’s more research to come tonight – Valentine’s Day night. Again we’ll use GeoLocation to push surveys to panelists as they leave prominent restaurants, nightclubs, and other landmarks that couples frequent on their special occasions. Attitudes, behaviors, intention to buy (into a relationship, that is) – we’ll be asking about all of it, down to whether certain respondents remained calm when their dates ordered the lobster AND the filet mignon AND a $100 bottle of wine.


Of course, love doesn’t always happen in one night, so MFour is partnering with Cupid on an ongoing tracking study. At regular intervals we’ll be pushing surveys to members of our all-mobile panel at weddings, romantic hotels, on cruise ships, and, yes, in divorce courts – the whole works, to get their thoughts on falling in or out of love. We’re also discussing whether to do a recruit and kiss. Cupid is depending on us, because he wants to make those arrows count.


The research is gratis, of course, because what the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of. And we want to do our part to help.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! May Cupid’s arrows hit their mark and send you into whatever embrace is just right for you.


And here’s a musical tribute to our newest client from one of the greatest singers ever. Sing it again, Sam!


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