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Use Mobile GeoLocation to Reach Shoppers Before it’s too Late

Posted by admin on May 11, 2017 10:36:34 AM




When it comes to obtaining quality consumer insights, those who hesitate are lost. And relying on slow-mo online survey methods is a sure way to lose your mojo.


The fast track to what's in consumers’ hearts and minds is mobile GeoLocation. Just as the Information Highway – the Nineties metaphor for the then-novel Internet – revolutionized how we access the world’s wealth of publicly-available data, GeoLocation studies made possible by Smartphone Era technology are revolutionizing how researchers can pinpoint surveys to gain richly illuminating consumer data with unprecedented precision and speed. 


If you want to delve into the technical side of how it works, you can Google terms such as “geofence” and “cell tower triangulation.” For consumer insights purposes, it’s enough to know that GeoLocation lets you track and validate mobile survey panelists’ presence when they arrive at a store or other venue that’s important to your research.


If you want insights into the complex web of thoughts and emotions that drive purchasing decisions and attitudes toward brands, you can’t afford to hesitate. With every hour that passes after a shopping experience, the thoughts and emotions you need to mine for insights will fade into the memory-haze of everyday living.


Online methodology settles for screening a general panel to find people who’ve recently visited a quick-serve restaurant, for example. But good luck finding many who are still digesting their meal. Instead, you’ll end up foraging for data from people who’ve already hit the bottom of that slippery slope where fresh experience rapidly deteriorates into a vague recollection.


With mobile GeoLocation, you can talk to diners while they're still in the restaurant or just after they've left. The freshness of your survey is as important to your success as the freshness of the food was to their satisfaction with the meal. The same principle -- and the same opportunity -- applies whenever time and place matter (and don't they always?). By going the in-location route, you’ll get insights into what’s happening while it’s still happening. But data from an after-visit GeoLocation study is also supremely fresh and vivid, thanks to response rates of 25% within an hour and 50% within a day.


Opting for the online method is like buying products that have passed their use-by date. It means you're willing to settle for weeks- or months-old recollections. You may fill your belly with data, but it will be too stale to be even mildly nutritious. You filled your study's quota and got your completes -- but with what quality or reliability? Eventually, bad data will make you look bad, and undermine your ability to play a positive role in business decisions. You hesitated, and you lost.


The main takeaway here is that mobile GeoLocation studies are only partly about location. They’re also crucial in your constant fight against time. GeoLocation technology coupled with an engaged mobile panel gives you your best chance to understand what’s in consumers’ hearts and minds before they themselves have forgotten it.


It’s a paradox of the Smartphone Era that the old assumption that speed compromises quality and depth no longer holds true. It’s slowness that will make your data superficial – and probably just plain wrong. It’s important for you to understand how mobile GeoLocation studies can get you the fast, vivid insights you need. Don’t hesitate -- just click here to set up a live, one-on-one demo.






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