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Try MFourDIY now and we'll double your research for free

Posted by admin on May 11, 2016 11:32:58 AM

Market research professionals probably can’t identify with the old saying that “information wants to be free.” They know that good data doesn't  come cheap, let alone free. 

Nevertheless, unlimited free information is here, courtesy of MFourDIY, the first all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-building platform. But only for another week.

Through May 18, MFour, the pioneering leader in all-mobile research, will double for free any amount researchers care to put in to launch an MFourDIY account. There's no minimum, and no upper limit. Put in $1,000 and you’ll get $2,000 worth of research. $20,000 gets you $40,000 – and so on.

Once you’ve signed on and funded your account, you can field as many surveys as you want, taking as long as you want, until your initial budget -- your funds plus our dollar-for-dollar match -- is used up (scroll down for more). 


We could go on and on talking about MFourDIY’s virtues – how it’s fast, cost-effective (even without special offers) and easy to use, yet gives you a new research tool that’s sophisticated and versatile. Unrivaled, in fact, when it comes to reaching elusive, smartphone-oriented consumer demographics such as Millennials, Hispanics and African Americans, and in letting you field geo-located surveys to panelists verified to be where your research needs them to be.

Even apart from our special offer, it’s always free to open an account that lets you test-drive MFourDIY and see how it works before you decide to field an actual survey. Once you’ve had a look, we think you’ll want to take this unique vehicle out on the research road for real, and field surveys to our diverse, all-mobile active panel of more than a million members.

The insights you’ll get from them are worth the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And through May 18 we’ll take you twice as far at no extra cost. Click here to find out how.

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