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The World's Gone Mobile. Researchers, Adapt!

Posted by admin on Jun 7, 2016 3:44:37 PM


Here’s another reason why it’s important for market researchers to talk to Millennials via a smartphone app instead of trying to get them to open email invitations and take surveys online. 


GlobalWebIndex, which studies trends in communications, social media, and device use, reports that almost 25% of younger Millennials – ages 16 to 24 – are using mobile apps for a crucial aspect of consumer behavior: researching products they’re interested in buying.


That exceeded the overall rate of 18% for respondents of all ages. Only 5% of those over 54 reported using apps to check out product information, according to a survey GWI conducted during the first quarter of 2016. 


Although Google and other search engines remain the most popular conduits for accessing info about products, the study found that their lead is narrowing, with younger respondents, especially, increasingly favoring apps and social networks.


“As search behaviors on networks and apps continue to strengthen, it’s not hard to see why many consumers would prefer one intuitive platform or app in which they can interact with an array of brands rather than having to install and use a separate one for each company,” GWI noted in a summary of a new study on trends in social networking.


In the market research realm, MFour’s business is exactly that – providing a single app through which any number of companies with products and services to sell can communicate with the marketplace to conduct survey-based research.


Pioneering and perfecting all-mobile research is our game. In fact, we invented that game and have played it at a uniquely high level since 2011, when we introduced Surveys on the Go®, our proprietary app that makes the best mobile research happen. It’s obvious that smartphones are the way to reach Millennials – who now represent America’s largest population bloc, according the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent estimate.


Combined with the million-member, all-mobile active panel of respondents who’ve downloaded the app, Surveys on the Go® keeps MFour on the leading edge in satisfying market researchers’ thirst for reliable, sophisticated data about any demographic's consumer preferences. It particularly excels with the Millennials, Hispanics and African Americans who get left out of conventional online samples because they've gravitated so heavily to smartphones.


The alternative for the market research industry is to stick with the fading approach of recruiting panels with email instead of pushes to a smartphone survey app, and then expecting the few who've clicked on the email to complete surveys that are prone to being slow, cumbersome and frustrating for respondents whenever their phones'  connections to the internet become less than optimal.


Although these restyled online surveys often get passed off as "mobile" because they can be taken on smartphones, usually with LOIs of no more than five minutes, it's important to draw distinctions. Surveys fielded with Surveys on the Go® are instantly embedded inside panelists phones, allowing them to complete the questions offline. That equates to much longer LOIs -- up to more than 20 minutes -- without interruption or frustration. 


To learn more about how all-mobile works, we invite you to explore this website and its sister site, MFourDI, home of the first all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey creation platform.






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