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Test Mobile Social Media Ads in Consumers' Facebook Feeds

Posted by admin on Jun 6, 2017 9:54:18 AM


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The most celebrated new species discovered in 2016 was the Sorting Hat Spider, which scientists came upon in a forest in India. They named it after a wizard’s hat in the “Harry Potter” saga, because the little arachnid’s conical torso uncannily resembles a wizard’s hat.


So what in the world does a newfound spider have to do with consumer insights? It wouldn’t have happened if these scientists hadn’t had the good sense to venture into the most promising habitat for making discoveries. And great research won’t happen if you don’t venture into the natural habitats where consumers naturally gather.


That’s the core idea behind an innovation called Emotional Brand Connections Social Media Ad Testing. Inject the ad you want to test into the natural habitat most-favored by today’s mobile consumers – their social news feeds. By ComScore’s estimate, 70% of social media use takes place via a mobile app. And only an in-app mobile research method such as EBC Social Media Ad Testing can let you access mobile panelists in the mobile environments they inhabit. Here’s how it works:

  • Use panel demographics to identify a test audience of mobile consumers who are likely to be interested in the product you’re advertising.
  • You’ll find your target sample fully represented among the 1,000,000 active users of Surveys On The Go® – the mobile research app that powers EBC Social Media Ad Testing.
  • Inject your test ad into these targeted consumers’ social media news feeds. It’s just a test – but recipients won’t know that. Because it fits in naturally with all the other content in their news feeds, your target audience will assume your test is just one more ad like all the others they get.
  • Now observe ad-recipients’ natural behavior by capturing passive data from their phones. You’ll track whether they’ve interacted with your test ad – and how. Did they click or enlarge the ad? Listen to its audio? Like or share it?
  • Next, survey the same ad recipients, using advanced, in-app mobile research technology. Ask about whatever you need to know – including questions about brand and product recall and intent to purchase. Ask and receive consumers’ detailed evaluations of what works or doesn’t work about the ad’s concept and creative content.

By unobtrusively injecting your test ads into mobile consumers' natural social habitats, you’ll extract quality data and insights that will help you find your way through the forest of mobile social media advertising. EBC Brand Connections Social Ad Testing will help you gain confidence that your ad campaign will drive brand awareness, interest and intent to buy – or alert you that the ad isn't quite working and needs adjusting and further testing. This may sound like wizardry, but it’s really just a matter of sound research science, with innovative technology and methodology uniting to solve one of today's most pressing problems for brands and advertising professionals. To learn more, just contact us at

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