Talk to 1,000 Mobile Non-Buyers the Moment They Leave the Store

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Here’s a case study that might change the way you think about using GeoLocation technology to capture Point-of-Emotion® insights. A widespread problem for retail outlets is non-buyers – shoppers who go to a store but leave without buying anything. The challenge for one national retail client was to capture reliable data about the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of consumers who left their stores with empty shopping carts.


The GPS-enabled research helped the retailer conclude that nearly one of six shoppers had entered and exited without making a purchase – for an estimated $10 million in daily chain-wide losses! Just as important, respondents revealed the reasons why they were leaving the store without spending money.


The insights were used to make store-level operational changes to improve the shopper experience, capture missed sales, and enhance loyalty and goodwill. Since these are ongoing concerns, the study can be repeated monthly or quarterly, as needed, to show trends and continue to identify problems and suggest fixes.


But what about you? How can you use GeoLocation surveys to capture GeoValidated insights at a specific point in time? You can turn to MFourDIY™ – the world’s only true-mobile DIY platform. Here's how it works:

  • Step #1: GeoFence each of your locations nationwide – it sounds ambitious, but it’s very fast.
  • Step #2: Set demographic criteria, choosing from more than 200 different points – including sex, age, income, employment, race, and ethnicity.
  • Step #3: Panelists are identified when they cross a GeoFence – both entering and exiting. Upon exiting, they receive an in-app push notification inviting them to take a survey to be completed within 48 hours to ensure against memory decay.
  • Step #4: Screening questions quickly to identify non-buyers, qualifying them to continue; qualifiers are further screened to meet any specified demographic criteria – such as Millennials, African Americans, Hispanics, and parents of young children, otherwise hard-to-reach groups who are amply represented on MFour’s well-cultivated panel.

If one client identified $10 million in daily losses, imagine what type of insights MFourDIY™ can deliver for your brand. Click here to learn more.

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