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Tale of the Tape: How MFour Stacks Up against the Competition

Posted by admin on Feb 16, 2017 10:02:16 AM


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Comparison shopping is fun, and it’s always smart. In that spirit, you’re getting a chart to give you a quick start on choosing your mobile research provider. The checklist has mobile musts and one must-avoid – always beware of “mobile optimized” surveys that try to substitute mere appearances for technological substance. Instead, look closely at how the different mobile providers stack up in the categories that reflect real commitment to true-mobile research.


A note on terminology: GeoIntercepts are a generic GPS-enabled technology that can locate consumers in a certain vicinity when their phones’ “location” function is turned on. MFour’s GeoValidation® process, on the other hand, makes sure they’ve been exactly where you need them to be. Cached surveys, another feature from MFour, are questionnaires that load instantly into panelists’ phones. There’s no need for an often-unreliable connection to a web-based online questionnaire, because cached surveys are embedded in a mobile app. In-app surveys are natural and reliably easy for respondents, which leads to another indispensable mobile “must” – a large, demographically representative, highly-engaged all-mobile active panel.


The simple chart below can be summarized in a simple equation: only advanced, true-mobile technology plus an engaged, true-mobile panel will ever add up to successful mobile research. Understanding this, you’ll shop successfully for mobile solutions and never have to settle for wrong answers again. Let your comparison shopping begin.





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