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Take This Expert Advice on Data Quality & Validation

Posted by admin on Nov 21, 2017 9:15:20 AM


Ron Sellers of Grey Matter continues to fight the good fight for data accuracy and reliability. His most recent article for GreenBook is especially worth reading, because it’s not just a litany of complaints, but gives readers specific advice on how to weed out suspect data and obtain quality that's validated and accurately represents consumer reality.


“This takes a lot more than digital fingerprinting or pre-programmed algorithms,” Seller writes. “Usually, it requires going line-by-line through the data to find and remove problem respondents.” Without that attention to detail, he warns, “frankly, they just miss a lot.”


We don’t think anyone will go wrong by taking Ron Sellers’ constructive criticism and sensible advice to heart. To read his article, click here.


And for a productive conversation about how mobile-app research meets the quality challenge to fulfill your projects' specific needs, just click here.


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