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Take a Cue from Disney -- Reach Consumers with a Mobile App

Posted by admin on Aug 14, 2017 9:33:31 AM


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There’s no more famous entertainment brand than Disney – the name speaks for itself.


And here’s what Disney is telling you about what brands and consumer insights experts need to do to prosper in the Smartphone Era: see and exploit the opportunity that resides in mobile apps.


The news out of Disney is that it’s launching what the New York Times characterizes as “two Netflix-style streaming services.” The first, which will debut early in 2018, offers special sports content provided by Disney-owned ESPN to expand upon the cable-based ESPN  programming (which currently enjoys its own solid app following). The other new service, to launch in 2019, will be the exclusive streaming home of new Disney movies and titles from its catalogue of feature films, cartoon shorts, and television shows.


The new initiative shows that Disney is all-in on mobile apps as the most effective means of reaching on-the-go audiences. The Times reports that Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger “had lately noticed `a dramatic increase in app-based media consumption,’ and not just for its own offerings.” Building new streaming services that take advantage of the popularity and great functionality of mobile apps flowed naturally from that realization. The streaming apps will cater to and take advantage of smartphone users’ insistence that the entertainment, news and social connectivity they want be literally at hand whenever they want it, and wherever they go.


Here are three key findings about mobile apps that help explain Disney’s thinking:

  • The average American adult spends more than two hours a day consuming media content on mobile apps, eMaketer reports.
  • That increases to more than three hours daily among the key 18- to 29-year-old consumer cohort.
  • Taking a wider view, Flurry Analytics reports that 92% of all time spent on mobile devices takes place in apps, compared to just 8% spent connected to the internet.

Why? Because smartphone users demand fast, smooth functionality, and that’s what a well-designed mobile app delivers. The “mobile optimized” approach to consumer surveys approach neglects to account for apps and the fact that they are now the comfort zone for the respondents researchers need to reach.


"Mobile optimized" surveys assume that respondents will visit and stay connected to a website where the survey is housed.

  • To connect to the survey, respondents must open and click on email notifications -- a weakness in itself, because email is easily ignored, compared to an in-app push notification.
  • Those who do connect to the online survey often encounter frustration due to unreliable functionality -- especially slow load-ins for each question that eat away at their time, their patience and their willingness to complete a survey.
  • In app-surveys overcome these deficiencies by skipping any need for a web connection. Only in-app research provides the smoothly functioning smartphone experiences consumers demand and enjoy.  
  • Respondents will reward a good, frustration-free experience with more attentive, thoughtful, and accurate survey answers. The result is data that build a reliable basis for drawing informed insights that help brand executives make smart business decisions.

Of course, we’re always telling you that. Now you don’t have to take our word for it, because Mickey Mouse is telling you, too. For more on how in-app mobile solutions can fit your specific needs, just get in touch at


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