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Study Finds that St. Patrick’s Day Enjoys a 78% U.S. Approval Rating

Posted by admin on Mar 16, 2017 11:14:17 AM


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St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, and here’s what Americans say they’ll be doing to celebrate it – based on a survey of 1,200 respondents from the nation’s only all-mobile panel. Who’s celebrating?

  • The vast majority of Americans. 78% of respondents said they’ll be joining in our annual festive observance of all things Irish.
  • 28.2% of our respondents self-identified as Irish American – of whom 95% said they’ll celebrate St. Paddy’s.
  • Patrick’s Day appeals across racial and ethnic lines. Among our respondents, 87.1% of Asian Americans, 82.7% of Hispanics, 77.8% of Caucasians, and 71.1% of African Americans said they’ll be celebrating.
  • It’s also an all-ages event: 82.1% of Millennials (ages 21-34) and 75.2% of Gen X and Baby Boom respondents (ages 35-70) said they’ll celebrate.

How will we be celebrating?

  • 9% of survey respondents said they plan to go to a St. Patrick’s Day festival or parade.
  • 44.2% plan to celebrate in a restaurant; 39.7% will go to a bar.
  • 10.7% plan to take the day off – and with St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday this year, for them it’ll be an especially festive kick-start to a long weekend.

Like all holidays, St. Patrick’s Day has its traditional foods and drinks. We listed six options, and asked our respondents which of them they planned to have.

  • 76% said they would be consuming at least one of the six choices – rising to 92% of those identifying as Irish.
  • Looking at eating, 41% of respondents said that corned beef and cabbage will be on their menu, 23% were looking forward to some shepherd’s pie, and 18% expect to munch some Irish soda bread. More than half of our Irish respondents (57%) said they’ll be having corned beef and cabbage, followed by soda bread (31%), and shepherd’s pie (28%).
  • As for drinking – and it’s probably neck and neck whether St. Paddy’s or New Year’s Eve is most noted as an occasion to tip a glass of alcohol – 31% said they’ll imbibe green beer, 28% will toss down Irish whiskey, and 24% will quaff some Guinness. The order of preference was a bit different for Irish American respondents – Irish whiskey came in first (44%), followed by green beer (37%) and Guinness (36%).
  • Jameson gets the nod as the Irish whiskey of choice – picked by 70% of respondents who plan to drink whiskey. Bushmill’s was named by 28% of respondents, and five other brands were named by 9% to 18% of whiskey drinkers. Factoring in the 10% who said they have some other brand in mind, we can assume that a fair number of these whiskey consumers are not brand-monogamous. Differences between Irish and non-Irish whiskey drinkers’ brand preferences were negligible.

As we noted in Wednesday’s post focusing on Ireland’s national color, green, 82.2% of our survey-takers plan to wear it for St. Patrick’s Day. An additional 8.9% weren’t sure, and only 8.9% said they definitely won’t be in green. Interestingly, 40.5% of respondents who said they would not be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day nevertheless reported that they were planning to wear something green.


Here’s a toast to a happy and safe holiday for all!



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