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Social Media Ad Testing 101: Get Clear Insights in Today's Crucial Ad Space

Posted by admin on May 16, 2017 10:20:00 AM




Social media is where the most dynamic growth is happening in digital advertising, but it’s also where some of the greatest confusion lies for marketers. Facebook, including its Instagram subsidiary, gets 85% of its advertising revenue from mobile devices. But until now there has been no clarity on how to test whether $58.3 billion in annual U.S. mobile advertising is having the intended effect. Emotional Brand Connections (EBC) Social Media Ad Testing provides a reliable beacon to cut through the fog.


Reach Consumers Where They Live
EBC Social Media Ad Testing takes place in people's actual mobile newsfeed, not on a public page or a fake substitute.


How it Works

  • Pick the intended audiences for the ad you want to test
  • Proprietary ad injection technology places the ad in the respondent's actual newsfeed
  • Consumers see your test ad as a regular mobile ad 

What's Measured?
As targeted consumers scan their social sites, their natural behavior is captured. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Visibility time and reach
  • Time spent viewing the ad
  • Whether they turned on the audio or viewed on mute
  • Whether they tapped to expand the display
  • Whether they liked and/or clicked on it

Does Your Ad Get Noticed and Trigger the Desired Outcome?
After you've collected their passive behavior, respondents are taken to a mobile survey environment and asked questions including:

  • What brands do they recall seeing advertised?
  • Do they recall your ad?
  • What message do they take away from your ad?
  • What reactions does your ad trigger?
  • Is the content likable? distinctive? memorable?
  • Is the caption engaging and relevant?
  • How does your ad impact people's emotional connection with your brand?
  • Does the ad create favorable impressions of your brand and push a purchase?

Bottom Line

  • Mobile is where consumers are (77% smartphone penetration in the U.S., 92% for Millennials 18-29).
  • Social media is where mobile citizens congregate (91.5% of Facebook usage is mobile)
  • Social newsfeeds are consumers' windows on the world

EBC Social Media Ad Testing cuts through the fog that obscures mobile ad measurement in social media, and blazes a path to clear insights. For more information, just contact us at

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