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See Why Mobile's a Natural for In-Store P2P Insights

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Todd Costello (L) and Blake Skorich


Marketers, retailers and advertising professionals are gathering this week for the Path to Purchase Institute’s P2PX Event outside Chicago in Rosemont, IL. As the Institute describe it, “P2PX is where solution providers showcase the latest tools to reach shoppers and demonstrate the breadth of what's available in the industry.”


More specifically, the event promises “vigorous education,” and an opportunity  for marketing and advertising professionals to “discover best practices that benchmark their programs against the industry and find ways to drive change within organizations.”


All of which makes Todd Costello and Blake Skorich men with a purpose. When attendees get to the MFour booth at P2PX, they can expect a warm greeting from the two Solutions Executives, followed by vigorous education on what natural mobile solutions can do, and a dialogue on best practices in the mobile research realm.


Especially important is understanding the role of smartphone apps to the digital shopping experience. Consumers' reliance on apps for digital experiences, including shopping, makes it crucial to deploy app-based mobile solutions that let you track and understand the digital shopper along the entire path to purchase.


Among the topics you can learn about at MFour's booth are how to capture data from verified shoppers by following their digital tracks on their phones. And then how to take it a step further by surveying them when it matters most -- while they're in a store shopping, or just after they've left with a basket of purchases.


"Marketing leaders are in need of quick, reliable intelligence on how consumers are approaching digital commerce," says Todd -- and that intelligence is best scouted at the very source, the phones on which shoppers are researching purchases in advance and in the store aisles.


Blake is eager to share details on how advanced mobile research can give brands a faster, more cost-effective, more reliable and less biased update of traditional in-person shop-alongs and clipboard-and-pen exit interviews. “I’m going to ask how they’re talking to shoppers in-store, and if they’re not, we’ve got a solution,” he said.


If you’re just starting to learn how mobile research works, Blake and Todd would love to acquaint you with the three “geos” – geofencing, geolocation, and GeoValidation® – that make in-store mobile intercepts and after-visit interviews ideal for tracking the final steps along the path to purchase with dead-on immediacy and accuracy. Respondents are validated by location, and mobile lets you validate purchasers by asking them for photos of their receipts and the relevant products they've bought.


If you’re an advertiser focused on the entrance to the funnel, MFour’s duo can walk you through smartphone-powered digital ad measurement and ad testing possibilities, including matching consumers with their phones' Ad IDs and Social Media Ad Testing. With Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter figuring so prominently in marketing strategies, Social Ad Testing provides crucial, pre-launch insights into whether concepts and creative are ready to go and make a big impact, or if they require some retooling before they’re ready to meet consumers during their social media journeys.


“Natural” is perhaps the most important word  you’ll be hearing from Blake and Todd. Social Media Ad Testing is natural because it injects those test ads right into mobile panelists’ personal newsfeeds, where they can experience them as actual, active ads, with no biasing awareness that these are just tests. It’s a goldmine for behavioral data on how recipients interact with the test ads, and also an opportunity to follow up with a survey interview for evaluative responses and insights about concepts and creative.


The in-store research Blake wants to tell conferees about is itself a natural process. The  smartphone lets you locate shoppers while they’re thinking and feeling the very thoughts and emotions you need to understand, with no advance notice that they’re going to be part of a market research study. You’re finding them unawares, until they get a push notification on their phones telling them that they have an opportunity to share the shopping experience they’re having right now – or have just finished having. For them, the mobile clipboard is a nice surprise, not an unwelcome intrusion – that’s why they signed up in the first place for Surveys on the Go® -- the advanced mobile survey app that supports the most representative all-mobile panel of U.S. shoppers and consumers, whose engagement is reflected in the app’s consistent user rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 at the iOS and Android app stores.


Whether you’re interested in an introduction to the basics of app-based mobile research, or if you just want to get down to pragmatic specifics about how smartphone-powered research will bring home your next project better than the online or non-app mobile solutions you’ve been using, just come on by.


Of course, you can have the same kind of one-on-one talk about how mobile app research panel and the power of their smartphones can be put to work to meet your specific data needs without heading to Chicago. For a productive conversation, just get in touch by clicking here.


And for a humorous look at mobile, click here.

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