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Riding Shotgun with Mobile DIY Research

Posted by admin on Jan 18, 2017 10:01:28 AM


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Will the consumer experience with self-driving cars be a big opportunity for market research?


The first  insights may come from Volvo, which used the Detroit Auto Show to announce a program called “Drive Me” to recruit families to test self-driving vehicles and report on their user experiences.


American drivers will have to wait their turn – Volvo is starting with 100 volunteers in Sweden who’ll drive a pre-designated route before moving to other countries. As you might expect, Volvo will collect reams of data generated by the autos themselves that will give insights into how the cars perform.


But the project has a strong qualitative research component: “Our research teams will be working closely with the trial users, gathering unique insights and learning about behavior behind the wheel while experiencing autonomous driving,” the automaker says.


More specifically, MediaPost reported that Volvo “wants to learn…what sort of things they would do in the car when it is driving them to their destination.” Might this include taking surveys in self-driving cars? Imagine using GPS technology to prompt “drivers” to take surveys when they cruise past a billboard. Doesn’t your company want to measure ad lift?


It isn’t premature to dream, is it? And it’s never too soon for you to get acquainted with the vast capabilities of true-mobile studies that use the most advanced mobile technology to harness the amazing power and functionality of smartphones. MFourDIYTM – the first true-mobile do-it-yourself survey-building tool – is an ideal way to get started. Your internal research team will  reach people like never before, even when they're riding in a car.


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