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Reptile Leapfrogs Bunny-eared Pokemon in a Survey Recount

Posted by admin on Jul 22, 2016 11:33:43 AM

The reptile demanded a recount, and the reptile won.

As part of our recent survey of 1,000 Pokemon Go players, we asked respondents to pick their favorite Pokemon creature.

We reported that the winner was Eevee, a cute cross between a rabbit and a fox, with Charmander, a gap-toothed, dinosaur-like fella with a flaming tail, placing second.

On further examination of the data, Charmander edged Eevee by 16 votes, picked by 12.1 percent of the panel to Eevee’s 10.5 percent. Squirtle the two-legged turtle was third, just 4 votes behind Eevee. The famous Pickachu got 9.4 percent for fourth place.

The main issue was the many variant spellings our respondents gave to the write-in question, some of which your faithful blogger failed to tally as votes for Charmander. So any way you want to spell it, Charmander is the champ.

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