Picture What You’ll Accomplish with Advanced Mobile GeoLocation Studies

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A picture is worth at least 1,000 words when it helps you visualize a concept. Today’s concept is mobile GeoLocation research. Here’s a description in 58 words:


GeoLocation studies employ GPS technology to locate members of a mobile panel when they enter or exit a retail store or other location relevant to a research project. Panelists who’ve crossed the “geofence” around each location receive push notifications through a survey app, alerting them to take a survey while they’re still shopping, or soon after they’ve left.


The picture you see above is worth many more words than that. It’s a screenshot of the real-time GeoLocation action map of the United States you’ll find by clicking here (scroll down after clicking to see the action map). You'll see  the moment-by-moment survey activity of the million-strong, all-mobile panel that uses the Surveys on the Go® smartphone app.


Each shooting yellow vector represents a survey just begun by a panelist, and each green vector is a survey just completed. But pay special attention to all the flashing white dots. Each represents a panelist naturally entering or exiting a geofence around a commercial location. Each geofence is a doorway to uniquely vivid, real-time insights from consumers who’ve been GeoValidated® so you’re sure you’re talking to them in the right place and at the right time. You’ll get insights from them at the Point of Emotion® – the moment of maximum import in their shopping journey when they’re not just thinking about purchasing, but fully feeling and acting on their agency as consumers. Picture what it would mean for you to be right there with them, via mobile GeoLocation.


You can access more than 400,000 U.S. locations that already have been geofenced -- or specify additional relevant locations, which can be geofenced quickly to meet the requirements of any location study. Geofences for locating Surveys on the Go® panelists extend from Alaska to Florida, from Hawaii to Maine, covering retailers from Abercrombie & Fitch to Zara, and every letter in between. So far we haven’t had a request to add a brand beginning with the Spanish letter “LL,” but we do have L.L. Bean.


For more information about mobile location studies, just contact us at sales@mfour.com.



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