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Posted by MFour on Apr 3, 2018 10:09:53 AM

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It's a breakthrough moment for consumer insights: for the first time, there's a one stop shop where you'll obtain observed behavioral data in combination with active, first-party survey data from real, validated consumers.

It's called Path-2-Purchase™, a first-party data platform that combines the power of location analytics with market research. This technology enables brands to see exactly where real consumers are now and where they’ve gone in the past. Instead of settling for inferences drawn from consumers' observed movements along the path to purchase, researchers now can field real-time, location-based surveys to capture motivations and emotions at any point in the purchase cycle.

Think of Path-2-Purchase™ as the marriage of Big Data's quantitative, observational "what" to the qualitative, emotion- and attitude-driven "why" that's crucial to really knowing who consumers are, and the motivations for their actions and desires. Path-2-Purchase™ answers a need to replace algorithmic inferences about consumers with real, validated knowledge and understanding. It harnesses first-party Big Data to accomplish what Big Data does best: let you see what consumers do. And it harnesses a first-party panel of the industry's most thoroughly validated and engaged consumers to tell you about themselves directly, with no need to infer.

It's simply a matter of bringing needed clarity to our understanding of consumer journeys, said Chris St. Hilaire, MFour's co-founder and CEO. “Everybody knows `path to purchase’ is important, but there’s no agreement on what it means," St. Claire observed. "We created our Path-2-Purchase™ Platform not only to provide clients with visibility into consumer journeys in the real world, but to finally give a clear definition of the term itself.

Another aim is to give all stakeholders in business decisions a clear, demystified understanding of the data on which they're basing business decisions. “Our goal is to democratize market research with validated consumer insights for everyone, so that it is accessible to all decision-makers within an organization, starting with the C-suite," St. Hilaire said. "Market research tools should be as intuitive to use as Amazon.com, and Path-2-Purchase™ Platform is our beachhead offering to make that happen.”

The observational data component of the Path-2-Purchase™ Purchase Platform is obtained by

Specific capabilities of Path-2-Purchase™ include:

  • Tracking the journeys of 2 million validated and profiled U.S. consumers across more than 12.5 million locations. They comprise an engaged, fully representative, first-party, proprietary panel united by membership in Surveys On The Go®, the highest-rated consumer research app.
  • Detailed real-time and historic customer-journey location data. Research clients can append visit histories for a nuanced, granular understanding of which consumers visit which locations; how frequently they visit and for how long; the days and times of their visits; and the sequential routes real consumers take as they move from location to location along their paths-to-purchase.
  • Uses of Path-2-Purchase™ consumer journey data include identifying and then surveying brand loyalists, brand agnostics, and brand resisters. This opens an unprecedented window for targeting and understanding competitors’ consumers.
  • Always-on location tracking of consumer journeys enables researchers to identify, define, and communicate with important consumer segments who previously were off-the-radar.
  • Behavioral data and survey data is collected and stored in a unique enterprise data warehouse that MFour has named the Consumer Knowledge Center. Users derive business insights from historic data in the Knowledge Center, including qualitative, behavioral, location, and demographic variables. Places, frequencies and dwell times of visits are complemented by all responses to Point-of-Emotion® mobile surveys.
  • Clients can access off-the-shelf segmentation data from the Consumer Knowledge Center in packages tailored to their specific insights needs.

The foundation for Path-2-Purchase™ was laid by MFour’s previous innovations in mobile-app survey technology and panel validation dating back to the launch of Surveys On The Go® in 2011. Clients benefit from fast, fully representative access to otherwise hard-to-reach groups, including mobile-centric Millennials, Hispanics, African Americans, young parents and the upcoming Gen Z.

To learn all about Path-2-Purchase™ Purchase Platform in a personal, one-on-one demo, just get in touch by clicking here.

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