Need to Reach Sports Fans? Find Them With Their Apps

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It’s that time of year again, when autumn becomes a cornucopia of delights for sports fans.


The National Football League is in full swing; Major League Baseball has entered its climactic playoffs, the National Hockey League and National Basketball Assn. are back in action with preseason games, and qualifying rounds are underway in soccer’s biggest competition, the World Cup.


While fans feast on this menu, market researchers can feast on the insight-rich data to be had by surveying those fans – not just about their sports interests, but anything researchers might want to know about people who are avid about sports.


Whatever you want to learn from sports fans, MFour’s App Tracking capability is the surest, most efficient way to find them.


Here’s how it works:


We gather passive data telling us which apps the Android users on our million active-member Surveys on the Go® panel are using.


Clients target respondents who use a given app, then send them a survey they receive and answer with their smartphones.


The lines of inquiry are limitless. But reaching avid sports fans efficiently and reliably takes a very specific and specialized approach. Targeting them by the sports apps they use is the shortcut that will answer many a research need.


Here are a few of the popular sports apps whose users you can access with App Tracking:


  • NFL Mobile
  • NBA Mobile
  • Fox Sports
  • ESPN
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports


You can ask these committed fans anything. Gain insights into buying habits for sports merchandise, favorite game-day snacks, or the popularity and effectiveness of a particular star athlete’s product endorsements.


  • Need to know what fans think is a fair price for a sports jersey?
  • Trying to decide whether to cut ties with a player who’s been starring in a commercial, but now faces bad publicity over an off-field incident?
  • Wondering about fans’ willingness to give up a big screen experience and watch games on smartphones?
  • When it comes to preferences within a given product category, do football fans differ from baseball or basketball fans?



Finding the most attuned fans with App Tracking helps you score rapid insights.



And of course, app-based targeting brings the same advantages for reaching consumers with proven interests and preferences in any other category -- travel, entertainment, banking, technology, retail shoppers, and social media users, among others.



Mobile App Tracking is always in season.


To learn more, click on our contact button above and we’ll fill you in.

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