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MR conferences call for change. Change is what we're about.

Posted by admin on May 26, 2016 3:32:25 PM

It’s fitting that “The New Face of Consumer Insights,” this week’s conference on the future of market research, took place in the lovely Southern California oceanside community of Marina del Rey.

Members of MFour’s delegation to the conference say the most consistent message they took away is that the industry now recognizes that the tide is going out on MR approaches that no longer work, and coming in strong for new methods. And the best new method – all-mobile research tailored to and optimized for a new mobile era dominated by smartphones – is not only MFour’s distinctive product, but its sole business commitment, its reason to exist.

“You could see people at the conference were open to new approaches. They were talking about new tools they need to meet their challenges and be successful. That’s obviously a great fit for us,” said Alex Colao, who headed up MFour’s contingent of three senior solutions executives.

MFour’s Ashleigh Mann said she was particularly impressed by a talk called “Creating a Research Innovation Ecosystem,” delivered by Marie Wolfe, Consumer & Market Insights Director of Research Innovation at Unilever.

“Her whole speech centered on `if you’re standing still you’re basically moving backwards,’” Ashleigh related. “You need to not be afraid of new techniques, you need to welcome them and understand them. Don’t be afraid to change with the marketplace, or you’ll get steamrolled.”

Next up is the CASRO Technology & Innovation Event, June 6-7 in New York City. We’d like to welcome you in advance to MFour’s exhibit. Let’s talk about how we fit into your future.

The CASRO event’s overview statement makes it clear the conversation we heard in Marina del Rey will be continuing in New York:

 “As survey participation rates plummet to alarming levels, we need to stop talking around the problem and address it head on…We seek to change the trajectory of this disturbing trend…We’ll learn how innovation and technology will provide solutions and lead us down alternate paths to engage the empowered consumer.”

To repeat what Alex, our team leader at the conference in Marina del Rey, said about the ready-for-change vibe that’s in the air: “It’s  obviously a great fit for us.”

In the meantime, see just why that’s the case: spend some time on this website and on, the sibling site for the nation’s first and only all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey-creation platform. The solutions you’ll see don’t just beat what the old online approaches can offer – they deliver data that’s faster and better than what online research was able to produce, even in its heyday.

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