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Mobile Surveys Won’t Dumb Down Your Research. That’s Just a Myth.

Posted by admin on Apr 5, 2017 10:02:51 AM




We’ve all heard that all-purpose catchphrase, “keep it simple, stupid” – and the human craving for simplicity and clarity naturally makes us nod in agreement.


One of the prevailing myths about mobile research is that keeping it simple is all it can do. That is, mobile is fine for a few easy questions that respondents can answer quickly, but not suited to more complex projects. But the truth is that true, technologically advanced mobile research can do it all. Here are a couple of mistaken assumptions:

  • When using mobile, you must drastically pare down grid questions to avoid squeezing in more than a smartphone screen can comfortably accommodate.
  • Online, rather than mobile, is the only approach that can work for conjoint research projects that must capture insights into many different facets of consumer perceptions of a brand, product or service.

But whenever a myth presents itself, it’s important to look at the evidence – in this case by having a sophisticated conversation about the sophisticated solutions true, advanced mobile methodology puts in your hands. A mobile two-tap matrix lets respondents easily comprehend and successfully complete complex questions with many variables and answer choices. Two-tap design lets mobile panelists toggle instantly between questions and answer choices. And when your survey calls for nuanced design features such as logic and branching, the right advanced mobile approach gives you all the design complexity you need.


Whether your needs are simple or complex, you deserve to have a healthy, myth-free conversation about what true, advanced mobile research really can do. Just contact us at and tell us when you’d like to talk.

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