Mobile Survey Trends in 2014

Posted by admin on Apr 1, 2014 3:04:01 PM

Mobile devices have become more and more prevalent in today’s society. The majority of Americans stay connected in some form, whether it’s access to email on the go or posting a status update on a social media platform. With the growing trend of mobile devices, businesses across the nation are switching to different forms of mobile advertising and surveying. This allows businesses to reach potential customers wherever they are.

What is a Mobile Survey?
In the past, a traditional survey has been a tool for businesses and individuals to collect feedback and data. A mobile survey has the same purpose, but rather than being a survey conducted with pen and paper, this survey is done on a mobile device. Mobile surveys can cover any topic related to the business’ field, asking questions concerning consumer behavior and feelings.

Benefits of Mobile Surveys
Because mobile surveys can be done on the go, these surveys are a valuable tool that can help businesses understand the minds and behaviors of their consumers. A mobile survey can help a business understand what type of product or service the customers prefer and what influences their decision when purchasing said product. This allows the business to change marketing strategies and product placement to better meet the needs of the customers, effectively increasing sales.

In addition to benefits concerning buying behavior, mobile surveys can be used to collect feedback regarding a customer’s experience. A negative experience can cause a business to lose customers while a positive experience can increase customer purchases and profit. Knowing what type of experience a customer had can allow the business to make appropriate changes.

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