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Mobile Device IDs 101 – Take 2 Minutes to Learn what You Need to Know

Posted by admin on Apr 12, 2017 12:17:45 PM




It’s important for advertisers, marketers and research professionals to understand the mobile device IDs commonly known as Advertising IDs – what they are and why they’re uniquely powerful tools for obtaining trustworthy data and insights amid the rapid changes brought about by the explosion in mobile advertising. But when it comes to measuring mobile ads, confusion abounds. Mobile Ad IDs let you cut through the fog that has called metrics for mobile ads into question. Here are the key steps to clarity:

  • Match your mobile Ad IDs to find validated recipients on the nation’s only all-mobile panel.
  • Obtain complex key demographic characteristics of known ad recipients. Use to audit correct placement of your mobile ads or to detect fraud.
  • Precisely target surveys to your known ad recipients to evaluate content and measure lift.

The key that opens the door to these insights and new research opportunities is the unique ID code attached to each smartphone. On iOS devices it’s called an Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) and on Android it’s the Google Advertising ID (GAID). Advertisers can collect these codes after an ad has reached a phone, then match the codes with phones used by members of MFour’s fully-representative, million-member active panel. You can opt for aggregate demographic information to see whether these validated ad recipients are in fact the audience you’re paying to reach. Then you can take your research a step further by surveying known ad recipients for fast, intelligible, and trustworthy insights into how your mobile campaign is performing. For more details on how Ad IDs can power pinpoint research, please contact

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