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Mobile Content Injection Gives Ad-Test Research a Shot in the Arm

Posted by admin on May 31, 2017 9:16:27 AM


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The old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” sells pictures short. Today, pictures can connect in an instant with millions, if not billions of eyes, thanks to the smartphones that dominate how consumers access social media and streamed entertainment.


The question for brands and advertisers, then, is what kinds of pictures they need to paint with video ads, mobile banner ads, film trailers and other visual messaging. Clearly, just throwing videos and pictures into the maw of social media, smartphone apps and the mobile web is an awfully haphazard and unpromising way to approach an advertising campaign. 


But what if you could test those visuals in advance by injecting them into the very mobile environment in which they’ll either succeed or fail at driving sales? You’d know whether the pictures you’re painting with your ads are really telling your story to mobile consumers – or even being noticed by them. And if these test consumers tell you your planned campaign is falling short, that will give you a chance to revise and retest until they tell you you’ve gotten it right.


If this sounds good, then why not do it? The technology and representative panel needed to test any kind of visual content with mobile consumers are available right now. And  here’s how it works:

  • On the technical side, smartphones’ powerful media capabilities allow you to test commercials, film trailers, and any other visual marketing content by injecting them directly into the phones of consumers you most want to reach.
  • On the consumer panel side, you can reach more than one million active members who fully represent your target demographic and are eager to engage with surveys via a mobile research app.
  • The app receives your test ad, the targeted panelists are notified, and you’ll soon be getting insights into how well the ad is performing with precisely those consumers you most need to reach.

In this era of proprietary content escaping and going viral prematurely, you need assurances that the ads you’re injecting into phones can’t be shared or transmitted. These safeguards are built into the process – recipients will enjoy seeing and commenting on your test content, but they can’t download, share, or take screenshots of them. Like an ephemeral private Snapchat or Instagram post, it’s seen by the eyes authorized to see it, then disappears.


The newest addition to visual-injection research is Emotional Brand Connections Social Media Mobile Ad Testing. Social media mobile advertising is crucial – for Facebook, it represents 85% of ad revenue – so it’s imperative that you get an advance read on how effective your planned campaigns on social media will fare.  With EBC Social Media Ad Testing you’ll get natural, unbiased advance data from the same environment in which the ad must live or die. Think of injected test ads as social media mobile advertising’s canaries in a coal mine. If they flourish with your targeted respondents, then your campaign’s ready to roll. If not, you’ve got a warning that will help you fix what’s wrong, test it again, and feel confident that you’ve come up with a mobile social ad that’s primed to succeed.  For more information about mobile content injection, just contact us at

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