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Mobile 101: Fight Panel Fraud with In-App Mobile (Part Two)

Posted by admin on Aug 16, 2017 9:37:56 AM


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In any profession or trade, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of day-to-day demands and lose track of the basic facts and objectives that are the foundation of success. With that in mind, here’s what insights professionals and marketers need to remember about consumer panels. The overarching insight here is that panel fraud and cutting corners to fill quotas will turn survey data into a corrosive force instead of an illuminating one when it comes to business decision-making. Today’s topic is…


Avoiding the Cracks in Online Panel Quality

  • Consumers in all demographic groups have gone mobile and favor mobile apps.
  • Consequently, online surveys fielded to panelists who use desktops or laptops fail to meet consumers where they are and in the way they’d prefer.
  • Because they are trying to reach consumers where they were instead of where they are, online panel providers need to scratch, scramble and use catch-as-catch-can methods to deliver the completes and demographics they’ve promised their clients.
  • Consequently, online panel providers increasingly turn to multi-sourcing or river sampling (ad hoc recruitment from the web) to deliver on their contracts. 
  • Multi-sourcing opens the door to duplicate responses. It also increases the likelihood of fraud by bots that imitate human respondents. That's because bots are endemic to the online sphere, whether it's ad fraud or consumer survey fraud. 
  • Sample providers whose main consideration is cost and convenience instead of reliable data from validated panelists are giving you what you pay for. And it isn't quality, fraud-free data. 


The best defense against panel fraud and compromised data is to educate yourself about in-app mobile research. It's a lot less complicated than trying to get a handle on all the hazards you'll have to account for when you buy online sample. Just get in touch at And for an entertaining video introduction to in-app mobile, just click here



Mobile 101: Fight Panel Fraud with In-App Mobile (Part One)

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