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Mobile 101: Escape Online Fraud with In-App Mobile (Part 4)

Posted by admin on Aug 30, 2017 9:33:45 AM


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In any profession or trade, it’s easy to get lost in day-to-day demands and lose track of the basic facts and objectives that are your foundations for success. With that in mind, here’s what insights professionals and marketers need to remember about consumer panels. The overarching insight here is that panel fraud and cutting corners to fill quotas will turn survey data into a corrosive force instead of a clarifying light to illuminate business decision-making. Today’s topic is…


The Research Client as Consumer: Be Fully Informed


When choosing sample, insights professionals need to be informed consumers themselves. Here are some useful guidelines.

  • Demand transparent information about how the panel you’re buying is sourced, validated and safeguarded to prevent and detect fraud.
  • Being an informed research consumer begins with setting a standard for data quality.
  • Know how much quality you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve cost savings. The cheapest solutions inevitably are not worth the tradeoff in quality, given the stakes of getting your research right. Can you afford to be penny wise but pound foolish?
  • To the extent they value quality, clients need to hold suppliers accountable whenever data quality suffers and the odds of duplicate responses and bot fraud rise.
  • You have a safe and simple alternative to online panels, with all their complications, pitfalls and vulnerabilities. It's a proprietary, validated panel gathered around an advanced all-mobile survey app.
  • In addition to security, the popularity of mobile apps assures that a well-designed survey app will attract a large, diverse, representative panel that can satisfy quotas for Millennials, Hispanics, African Americans and more. 

Educating yourself about in-app mobile is a lot less complicated than trying to get a handle on everything that makes online sample so slippery. For a detailed, productive conversation about how it pays to access an engaged, alert and representative mobile panel, just get in touch at

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