Missed Deadlines Are Career Killers. Save Yourself with Mobile DIY.

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Deadline Stress




If you’re in market research – or just about any kind of business – you’ve got to be worried by theories being advanced by Dr. Stephanie Brown, a Bay Area psychologist and author of “Speed: Facing Our Addiction to Fast and Faster.”

  • “The need to be efficient and instant leads to a dumbing down of information intake.”
  • “Constant notifications and incessant pinging conditions us to look forward to the next e-mail, the next text, fueling an agitated inner state.”
  • “People become scanners…cruising…across the screen to pick up bytes, rather than delving toward a deeper understanding.”
  • “The link between speed and success is continually reinforced by American culture.”

There’s more, but you get the picture, because to some degree or other you’re living it. You’re speeding to get projects done, because your bosses or clients say the deadline just has to be met. Meanwhile, you’re fighting a tough battle not to make speed the enemy of quality survey design and thoughtful analysis.


And, oh yeah, the data-generating panelists upon whom everything in market research ultimately depends are facing the same pressures you are, including “notifications and incessant pinging” and other distractions that are likely to cause interruptions and drop-offs that compromise data, slash response rates, and slow the entire process.


We don’t know whether booking a therapy session with Dr. Brown would help – but we know that booking 30 or 45 minutes for a live demo or webinar to learn about MFourDIY™ will do you and your projects a world of good. It’s the nation’s only all-mobile, do-it-yourself survey design platform – and unlike a psychological consult your session will be free. This is the first step toward saying goodbye to that “agitated inner state” of which the good doctor so aptly warns.

  • You’ll learn how to design and field a survey in less than an hour, on a true-mobile platform that gives you sophisticated capabilities such as GeoValidation® for in-location or after-visit studies, which are achievable only by fielding to smartphones.
  • You’ll meet your deadlines because response rates from our panel are 25% within an hour, 50% within a day. That alone is proof that MFour’s million-member active panel makes survey-taking one of their priorities. Advanced, true-mobile technology that harnesses the power of a top-rated survey app makes the process fun and keeps panelists glued to their screens and immersed in your questions.
  • You’ll have extra time to get lunch. You’ll be able to pause and take deep, relaxing breaths. And then, freed from that agitated inner state, you’ll do a bang up job of turning your reliable insights into business decisions that work.

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